How to be beautiful if you do not have the time and money


How to be beautiful if you do not have the time and money

Fashion magazines and other information sources state that a real woman should devote herself to her beauty at least a couple of hours a day. It is necessary to apply makeup, make manicure and hair, as well as dress beautifully and expensively. And do not forget about perfume, it should be a well-known brand and cost a lot of money. But what about girls who do not have such money and so much free time? Do not worry, lovely girls, now we will explain everything to you in detail.

 First of all, forget about branded clothing stores. Just dress as you like, let it be a simple T-shirt and jeans. It is not necessary to look for a new fashion in stores, it can not go at all. And, by the way, if you have a non-standard figure, then you will hardly find something suitable for yourself in an expensive boutique.

 And not the fact that in an expensive boutique you buy exactly the real thing and not a fake. So go straight to a regular clothing store or to the market. When buying clothes, give preference to high-quality stitched things, rather than those that are expensive or cheap. What is the point of buying a skirt very expensive, if after a couple of months it will shed, and holes will appear on it? Do the same with your shoes, give preference to those shoes that will serve you a long time. 

Take care of your hair at home with the help of available tools and you will not need to spend money on stylists and cosmetologists. Believe me, expensive facial and hair care products sometimes do not have the qualities that are spoken about in advertisements. And even if they possess real money, then you can purchase a fake without knowing it! The stores sell hundreds of expensive equipment analogs, standing at the same time quite a bit. Study the composition of these funds and take the right for you.

 Every day, apply a moisturizer on your face, in the evenings, use lotions and tonics. Wash hair twice a week, at least. Use hair masks from natural products. The most wonderful hair mask that stimulates hair growth and gives them energy to life is the mustard mask. Mix two tablespoons of dry mustard with one tablespoon of sugar and one yolk of egg, mix everything thoroughly, add a little water so that the consistency resembles a liquid cream, and apply it onto the head, rubbing it into the roots. Then wrap your head in a bag and hold the mask for about an hour. If it burns, it is a good sign, be patient. An hour later, wash off the mask. This mask can be done once a week.

Makeup apply in moderation, do not overdo it every day. Apply only lipstick, foundation, and mascara, but the shadows can be applied only in the event of a holiday.

Many women drop their eyes every day with a pencil or eyeliner. Look at the situation, if your work does not provide for active communication with people, then you shouldn’t age your eyes ahead of time, and as you know, any cosmetics ages our face much faster. Make a light and sparkling make-up for a date, you can apply blusher. All men love when their girlfriend looks natural. 

Perfume choose to your taste. You should not chase the expensive personalized perfume, its smell can be quite unpleasant for you. When going to the perfume shop, determine for a start how much you would like to meet, and then proceed to the choice of fragrance.

These little tricks will help you spend much less money and also look attractive.

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