Why swelling the face of women: 9 unexpected reasons


Why swelling the face of women: 9 unexpected reasons

She went to bed beautiful, got puffy, her eyes were not visible, her whole face was like jelly ... What happened to me at night?

Many women face the problem of swelling of the face. And for the most part, no one likes it, because the swelling is quite strongly reflected in the appearance of a person.

Why does a woman’s face swell, especially around the eyes?

- The face never swells separately from the body, it’s just that we first of all look at it in the morning. It is so? Well, who looks at the sides or legs, and they, most likely, also swelled overnight.

If the face swells regularly and it does not depend on the diet, then perhaps ...

1. You have problems in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Poor permeability of capillaries does not allow for the normal circulation of blood and lymph.

What to do: visit an experienced cosmetologist, perhaps after examination, he will advise you to contact an endocrinologist.

2. You are the owner of a special structure of the skin, which is accompanied by the presence of a bright capillary mesh. The slightest failure in the circulatory system and you have swelling!

What to do: a cosmetologist will recommend adequate care to level this problem.

3. There is some kind of hidden inflammation in the body (kidneys, female genital organs, etc.). Facial swelling is a response to internal inflammatory processes.

What to do: a beautician, examining your complaints, will send you to a therapist.

If the face swells up sometimes ...

4. You drink a little water. It is believed that the face swells because we drink a lot of fluid. This is wrong: the face and body swell just because you drink too little water.

What to do: be sure to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day, and in the heat - 3. Juices, soda, kvass, compotes do not count, they are just not worth drinking.

5. You are carried away by injection cosmetology. That you have compiled a calendar of visits to a beauty salon, where month after month is the injections with hyaluronic, fillers? Sure that the more you stick, the better your face will be? Alas, over time you risk getting the opposite effect. The fact is that foreign bodies and substances - fillers and hyaluronic - overlap the blood vessels, disrupting the patency. As a result, swelling of the face.

What to do: talk seriously with your beautician. Perhaps change it if it does not offer alternative methods and does not solve your problem of edema. Today, many cosmetologists are moving away from injected cosmetology. In the foreground in the fight against edema are various massage tactics and treatments. Yes, sometimes a beautician can not remove your swelling without injections, but these are special drugs-angioprotectors that remove puffiness, improve skin condition.

6. You have swelling under the eyes. You should not get involved in injections, because you only hide your problem for a while. And you have it: with age, the thin skin under the eyes and the hernial sacs under the law of world wideness begin to slide down. The excess liquid accumulates, and in the mornings you always have a very deplorable appearance.

What to do: gymnastics for the face effectively helps. Take lessons from a good specialist and regularly perform massage movements in the morning. At home, you can use chilled patches, masks that relieve tension and swelling, and at the time you will have a fresh look.

What else can cause swelling ...

- Chronic lack of sleep, stress, regular eye strain. For example, if you work at a computer for a long time.

- Tears also cause edema. They contain salt, which is excreted from the body and thereby irritates the skin around the eyes.

- Your lifestyle. If you are a fan of noisy parties and alcohol, this, of course, contributes to the appearance of puffiness.

 It is important to deal not only with 
the external signs of edema but also to
 eliminate the cause of their appearance.

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