To maintain the radiant appearance of the skin for a long time, you should follow certain rules of daily skincare.

RULE 1:  Choose care products for your skin type.

The first and most important rule in skincare is the use of cosmetics specially developed for your skin type. The needs for dry and oily skin vary significantly.

RULE 2:  Pay special attention to sensitive skin areas.

The skin in certain places on the face is thinner and more vulnerable. It requires special care, especially the skin around the eyes and lips. These areas are the most sensitive and require special attention.

RULE 3:  Gentle Cleansing

Care for sensitive skin begins with the removal of makeup. In order not to expose it to additional stress and to preserve the natural balance, use neutral pH makeup removers that are specially designed for gentle cleansing of the skin.

RULE 4:  Eyes: risk zone

The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin in other places. Use special eye makeup remover.

RULE 5:  Peeling (exfoliation) - a necessary procedure for facial skincare

Use a peeling method suitable for your skin once or twice a week. The peeling should be effective, but soft and not injure the skin. Choose neutral pH products that cleanse and soften skin well, maintaining its natural balance.

RULE 6:  Moisturizing is essential.

The dermis consists of water by 70%, and the epidermis by 15%. So that the skin is always well hydrated, choose moisturizers that maintain a constant level of moisture in the skin. You can also regularly use a moisturizing mask, removing its excess thermal water.

RULE 7:  Prefer hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics

To avoid the risk of allergies associated with the use of cosmetics that do not suit your skin type, choose hypoallergenic decorative cosmetics specially designed for all skin types and skin around the eyes, including sensitive skin.

RULE 8:  Sun Protection

Regardless of the time of year, use cosmetics with sunscreens. They reduce the harmful effects of sunlight, which accelerates the ageing process.

RULE 9:  Avoid external adverse factors.

Pollution, smoking, stress ... All this has a negative effect on the skin. Use cosmetics that protect your skin from adverse factors before leaving the house, and thoroughly cleanse your skin when you return home in the evening.

RULE 10:  Do not forget about lips

As soon as you feel it is necessary, use a regenerating lip cream. You can reapply the cream as often as you wish.

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