20 beauty tips from leading makeup artists


20 beauty tips from leading makeup artists

I thought you know all about makeup? In honour of our 20th anniversary, star makeup artists revealed their secret tricks to you.

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Olga Komrakova, leading makeup artist Clarins:

  • Crushed shadows can be removed with a foam applicator - it works like an eraser!

  • Can not make exactly bright lip contour? Apply the lipstick, not reaching the contour, and then with a pencil “ stretch” the texture of the lipstick to the desired shape. By the way, the pencil should not be sharp! Lightly blunt the lead in hand or a napkin.

Svetlana Grebenkova, make-up artist:

  • Any makeup starts with lip balm. When it's the turn of lipstick ( as a rule, at the end), they are soft and they will be easier to paint.

  • Before drawing eyebrows, brush them properly with a brush.

  • Between the hairs accumulate keratinized skin scales. They interfere evenly apply makeup.

Evgenia Tarasova, leading makeup artist Givenchy:

  • Everyone knows, that the boundaries of tonal resources should not be seen: it is necessary to carefully shade - especially along the hairline. But for some reason, everyone forgot about their ears!

  • To visually lift the corner of the eye, when maskiruesh concealer dark circles, to extend the line to the temples.

Giorgio Foro, international makeup artist Pupa:

Many girls paint their eyelashes wrong. Move the brush zigzag up from the roots to the tips. This simple technique helps to open your eyes visually. And it is also possible to give them an almond shape - only the brush should not be moved strictly upwards but towards the outer corner of the eye.

Yury Stolyarov, leading makeup artist Maybelline NY:

Shadows will not crumble, if you pre-degrease the skin of the eyelids - get them wet with matting wipes. And start with eye makeup, and then apply tone, powder, and blush. If your hand suddenly falters and you ruin everything, you don’t have to flush and redraw the entire make-up.

Ekaterina Ponomareva, leading makeup artist MAC:

The eyes are often watery, especially when you try to paint over their outer and inner corners with liner. You will save the usual mascara. Apply it a little on the tip of a cotton swab and blend in a “capricious” place.

Anna Merkusheva, national makeup artist, Make Up For Ever:

Start eyebrow makeup with the study of the bend zone - the darkest place of the eyebrow. Then draw the tip and only then move the translational movements towards the head. This will not overload the beginning of the eyebrow and make the look more open. When you draw an arrow, outline the direction of its tips with open eyes.

Maria Pyrenkova, leading makeup artist Yves Saint Laurent:

During the smoky eyes make-up, dark shadows can crumble, so concealer under the eyes use after the shadows, but before the mascara.

Andrey Shilkov, an expert in the field of beauty:

Carcass prints on the skin are easily erased with a cotton swab if you give them time to dry - just a couple of minutes. Otherwise, you will even more mascara.

Vyacheslav Sasin, leading Dior makeup artist:

Apply skin shine to face contour. So natural. And lipstick can always be used as a blush. A little bit, to give shade.

Vladimir Kalinchev, leading makeup artist Max Factor:

Light shades can be used as a basis for eye makeup. Put them on all eyelids, and on top - the selected colour. Shadows will last longer. If you overdo it with powder, use thermal water. Sprinkle your face while holding the vial at arm's length. The skin will look natural.

Jane Richardson, international makeup artist NARS:

  • Pink blush will help to achieve the effect of a fresh face. A light touch of them on the upper eyelid will create a solid image.

  • If you apply gloss under matte lipstick, the skin of your lips will be as if satin.

  • Do not like well-defined lips? Apply lipstick with your fingers.

Bobbie Brown, founder of the brand Bobbie Brown:

  • When choosing the colour of the tonal framework, test it on the forehead. In some women, the skin here has a darker shade. And apply the tone only on the face. Use bronzing powder to even the colour of your neck.

  • Do not apply morning cream for the skin around the eyes on the upper eyelid, and then the shadows will not roll down.

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