5 stages of proper hand skin care. Secrets that few people know ...


5 stages of proper hand skin care. Secrets that few people know ...

Hands can tell a lot. You can judge the age, type of human activity and even its social status. Smooth, delicate and beautiful skin of the hands - a gift of nature.

But how long she will keep her youthful and healthy looking depends only on us. The negative impact of external factors leads to premature aging of the skin, dehydration, and dryness, so our hands need special care and care.

Proper hand care

The beauty industry offers many hand care treatments. The list of the most popular salon procedures is quite wide: paraffin therapy, massage, masks and so on. If there is no opportunity to visit the salon, you can successfully take care of your pens at home.


1. Proper nutrition

A skin condition, like a mirror, reflects the lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body. With a balanced diet, the skin receives all the necessary substances from the inside.

Important: when skin rashes, spots, itchy redness appear on the skin, do not try to cure them yourself. Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

2. Reduce the negative impact

Wash, cleaning, work in the country, frost, the sun, and many other factors harm our pens, but to protect them from these evils is quite possible. Do your homework with gloves, use a UV-resistant cream in the summer, and cold cream in the winter.

3. Peeling

You can use both purchased and popular recipes. The main function of peeling is to rid the skin of dead cells and stimulate the formation of new ones for smooth skin.

4. Masks, baths

Purpose and composition can be very diverse, for example, to accelerate the growth of nails or eliminate peeling ... Choose the means depending on the desired result and skin type.

5. Cream

The most common type of cosmetic products used for skin care. Depending on the type, the cream is able to maintain the moisture balance, speed up the regeneration, eliminate irritation, make the handles softer and smoother. Hand cream at home you can do yourself!

Make it a rule to care for your skin regularly - this is the most effective and efficient. Love your hands and care for them, and you will preserve their youth and beauty.

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