6 dangerous fitness beginners mistakes that can lead to unpleasant consequences


6 dangerous fitness beginners mistakes that can lead to unpleasant consequences

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6 dangerous fitness beginners mistakes that can lead to unpleasant consequences

You decided to join a regular sport and even resolutely purchased a card in a fitness club. Congratulations! You are on the right path to harmony, fit figure. However, the call “to be fit” may turn out to be unexpected “but”, because you still do not know anything about how to train correctly. The editors of Passion.ru decided to fill this gap and deal with the main mistakes of the neophytes.

Of course, with the advent of many fitness clubs in all countries of the World, it would be foolish to say that the penetration of active leisure time to the masses is slow. One way or another, people have fitness at their ear, and there are almost no respondents left, at least in general terms not representing the meaning of this concept. In addition, the Internet and social networks shout about a healthy lifestyle, offer a lot of marathons, methods, authoring programs and exercises. And when the choice is made, the coveted membership is acquired, an acquaintance with the fitness club takes place.

Many clubs offer a wide range of services, and in the first visits, there may be flour of choice based on ignorance or constraint. Then we begin to train on our own, sometimes without a comprehensive understanding of what we will do. In order to make the process as comfortable and safe as possible, and, most importantly, really interesting, we asked the experts to tell about the main mistakes and methods for correcting them.

Error 1. Missing goal or incorrect statement

Setting a clear goal of staying in the training process is where to start. So, the goal "I want to lose weight" is vague and very blurred. In contrast, it is better to set the goal “to reduce the percentage of adipose tissue (after undergoing the“ Body Composition ”service, for example) by 3 kg,” and set aside a specific period of 2 months. Such a statement can even form in your head a rough training plan for this period.

Error 2. Wrong choice of the training program

The next stage is the choice of sports direction. Modern technology training activities allow you to solve problems in different environments: swimming pool, gym, group programs. And all that remains is to try each division (for this, companies often include in the membership a “starter pack” with introductory personal training in each area).

6 dangerous fitness beginners mistakes that can lead to unpleasant consequences

Error 3. The decision to train yourself

The desire to save on the services of a personal trainer is understandable, but nonetheless erroneous, especially if you are new to the gym. In modern fitness education of amateurs, no matter how versatile and deep it is, there is a huge minus - no matter how qualitatively the technique and method of compiling a training mode are explained, the Internet or video tutorials will not teach the feeling of the right technique. This can be felt only in the process of execution under the supervision of a specialist. Everything is simple: the joints have certain biomechanics, and the violation of it (and the joints, even the main ones, are many in the body) dramatically increases the risk of injury, especially when working with a burden. In addition to security, you can add really professional knowledge that is not accessible to amateurs. Therefore, buying a personal training unit is not a whim, but a necessity.

Error 4. Constraint

This is very important - do not hesitate to communicate with professionals and contact them for help. Coaches are in the fitness club solely to help you determine the workload, exercises, and tasks. But only you can help them find out that you need help or advice, and your results will be the results of your joint efforts, which, besides the technical side of solving the problem, will give a pleasant feeling of satisfaction from your own progress.

Error 5. Revaluation of own capabilities

Not only an incorrectly chosen exercise program can do you a disservice and discourage the desire to play sports, but also too much exercise or difficult exercises suitable only for professionals.

Excessive stress can harm your health, as it results in an increased risk of injury during exercise, loss of strength and dizziness after exercise - these symptoms indicate a state of overtraining of the body.

At the initial stage, it is necessary to select simpler in terms of coordination, exercises that will prepare the body for further loads. Simple does not mean “ineffective”, on the contrary, it is easier to concentrate and feel the work of all the necessary muscles.

Error 6. Uneven load distribution

To evenly distribute the load on the whole body, using the main muscle groups of the abs, back, muscles of the arms and legs to work - it is important because it will increase your endurance and raise the general tone of all muscle groups, as a result, the body will react to the loads faster, and Several lessons you will feel and see the first positive results.

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