6 reasons to start playing sports


6 reasons to start playing sports

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Before you start to play sports, you must honestly answer yourself the question: “Why do I need this?”. Motivation and understanding of the objectives of their activities are very important to achieve the best result. We have prepared six tips for you that will make you go to the gym!

Anastasia Yurkova
X-Fit Monarch and Flotskaya X-Fit fitness manager, a personal trainer in group programs for the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit

You will wear stylish outfits.

If you are a fashionista, and every time you look at new collections of clothes, you want to try them on, then the best motivation to play sports for you will be the answer: "For the figure."

Here I propose some trick. Buy yourself a new very beautiful dress, swimsuit or any other item of clothing that you have been dreaming about for a long time, but you can’t afford, because your forms, to put it mildly, do not look very good in such clothes. Try on this item of clothing at least once a week in front of a mirror and watch how your figure looks in it. Great motivation to work on yourself! Be sure: it will take a little time, and you, if you are not lazy, will be able to shine in the desired tight-fitting dress or a separate bathing suit.

You will stop limiting yourself to food

The answer like “I train to eat!” Is also not bad. You are a gourmet, you can not deny yourself the pleasure to try new and new delicacies? Do you want not to torture yourself with debilitating diets and starvation, but at the same time not gain or even lose weight? Forward to the hall - burn calories!

However, remember: even if you exercise regularly, you can not eat anything and as much as you want. It is necessary to adhere to a little healthy food and monitor the amount of food consumed. If you visit the gym, and then come home and eat a whole cake, you can hardly be afraid to gain weight.

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