A holiday for yourself


A holiday for yourself

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Every winter we wrap ourselves in warm clothes and stop caring for ourselves and our body. So why do it if nobody sees us under warm sweaters and thick trousers and tights? We tell ourselves that as soon as the warm time comes, we will immediately start looking after ourselves. And so it happens. But you could not torture yourself with strict diets for the sake of a beautiful body for the whole last month of spring, but to eat right throughout the winter. And you can do the same with your skin, do not torture her with different procedures when spring arrives, but take care of your skin all year. 

You can take care of your body, not even for the sake of its beauty, but in order to wake up every day in a good mood. Each of us deserves it like no other. And if you do not have time to take care of yourself every day, then engage in procedures for recovery, at least once a week. 

To start, prepare for a relaxing bath with milk and honey. To do this, pour a bath of warm water, pour a litre of warm milk there and put two tablespoons of honey, previously dissolved in warm water. Put some essential oil there. Everything, you can enjoy the bath until the water cools down. After lying in such a bath for about half an hour, you will feel that your skin has become much softer than it was before. 

In addition, turn on the pleasant music and light the aroma lamps, so you relax even more. 

We lay in the bathroom, now you need to clean the skin. For this, we need a scrub. Scrub yourself well to remove all dead skin from yourself. 

Use special brushes or sponges with the scrub, so it will be much easier to remove dead skin. Now, do you feel your skin breathing? 

With age, the skin of any person becomes dry and constricted, and in order to fix it, it is necessary to lubricate it with creams and lotions based on moisturizers. If you are not able to do it every day, then do it at least on your day off, just after taking a bath or after visiting a bath. Moreover, the skin begins to absorb moisture after such procedures, much in large quantities. 

Proper and constant body care will bring its owner extra years of life and beauty for many years. 

Means, which are recommended to use by famous cosmetologists:
  • Spa marine scrub from the manufacturer from Germany. This is a body scrub, which consists of sea salt, egg yolk, and fruit juices. This scrub gives your skin energy and gives shine and tenderness to drier places on the body. 

  • TIME TO RELAX. This is an essence that must be added to the bath when bathing. The components of the essence, soothe the skin and give it a velvety. 

  • MISS MILKIE. These are skincare products. Soft cream will give the skin the necessary moisture. Scrub will help remove dead skin, while an oil-based body spray will make your skin more tender and sparkling. 
If you use these tips throughout the winter, then in the spring you will not have to torment your body with many extra procedures. You will be more self-confident, and your mood will always be on top.

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