All the pros and cons of training in the fresh air, which you should know in advance


All the pros and cons of training in the fresh air, which you should know in advance

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Training on the street - at first glance, this is the ideal form of physical activity in the warm season. And the air is fresh and the weather is good - everything contributes to a great mood and effective training. In addition, there is significant savings: no need to spend money on a personal trainer and a subscription to a fitness club. Do these exercises have any disadvantages? The editors of understand what they need to be prepared for, and also find out from professionals the scheme of an ideal workout on the street.

Alena Vezun
Cycling Instructor

Pluses workouts on the street

I see only advantages in training on the street. Among the main ones I can highlight:

The availability of various sets of exercises

You can train not only at the workout sites but also use the stairs in the stadium, boxes and any available equipment.

The teamwork of like-minded people

Now there is a lot of training carried out by sports brands at various venues in Moscow - there is always the opportunity to choose a convenient location and engage in a group of friends and like-minded people - so much more fun and interesting.

The ability to train absolutely everyone

You do not have to pay for classes on the street, you do not need to buy a subscription, because they are accessible to everyone, there would be a desire. For young mothers, such training is an ideal source for body recovery. While the baby is sleeping in a stroller on the street, you can safely work out.

The gym can be organized anywhere

You can train near the house or in any accessible place where you like best. Locations can be changed almost every day.

Polina Solovyova
Fitness instructor, dancer, organizer of fitness tours

The advantages of training in the fresh air, I would also consider:

Rest from enclosed space

Apartment-car-office-restaurant-office-car-apartment - this is the circle of life of a modern person. But scientists have proved that permanently being in a confined space does not have the best effect on the psyche. Why not combine a workout and a walk? Even if you move around the site of 40 square meters, the green of the trees and the prospect will have a positive effect on the nervous system. It doesn't matter if you are stretching or pulling on the uneven bars.

The pleasure of feeling

The feeling of wind on the skin, the warmth of the sun at sunrise, the singing of birds will raise your spirits and make your work more enjoyable. And if also a good view ...

1 + 1 = 3, or the synergistic effect of training

Yoga, stretching and other areas of mind and body, energy practices will be more effective due to calm, contemplation, relaxation and a sense of harmony with nature.

Cons of training in the fresh air

Natalie Lugovskikh
Fitness expert, trainer of the program “Weighted and happy people” at the JTS, honorary guest of the International Festival of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle SN PRO EXPO FORUM.

Training on the street is an excellent undertaking in all respects, but they also have shortcomings, which, however, should not stop you in your desire to become more beautiful and healthier. Just keep in mind the following nuances:

Weather change

Rain, wind, scorching sun - the weather is very changeable and it is not always possible to predict her mood.

Not always an adequate response of others

Unfortunately, we are used to seeing more people sitting on a bench with a bottle of beer, and not pushing away from her the same healthy guys and girls in tracksuits, so you should be prepared for jokes and ridicule, but don't let that stop you.

In the metropolis to find clean, oxygen-saturated air is complicated

However, if you have the opportunity for the summer to move to the country or there is a large park next to the house, then this minus is not a problem for you.

Quality of site coverage

The quality of the sites that seem to be specially equipped for training can sometimes leave the best and does not always allow to fully train.

Short term summer

Summer in our country is fleeting, so it’s hardly possible to practice outside for more than 3-4 months a year, and the absence of an increase in workload will not lead to progress.”

Lack of knowledge for self-training

If you started to train not so long ago, you will not always have enough knowledge to draw up a correct and comprehensive training program and get a good result in the future.

How to train in the fresh air: 5 exercises from an expert

Oksana Yashankina-Nikolaev
Champion of Russia and Europe in gymnastics, international class master of sports, fitness coach of show business stars, creator of the popular video blog about healthy eating and honoured guest of the International Festival of Sport and Healthy Lifestyle SN PRO EXPO FORUM.

Triceps Exercise

We sit down on a bench, put our hands around our hips, lift the pelvis and take one step forward and it turns out that we are hanging on our hands. Begin to bend and straighten arms (push-ups). This is an exercise for triceps. We often see someone (and maybe ourselves) holding onto the rail in the subway, and the hand is flabby. So, to tighten this zone, you need this exercise. You can do 2 sets of 15 times.

Lunges on the track

We take a step, squat so that the angle of the front knee is 90 degrees, the body is located exactly between two legs and the back leg is also bent at an angle of 90 degrees. We walk forward on each leg to the end of a straight path.

Exercise for the buttocks and thighs

Another exercise with a bench - we take a step forward from the bench, it remains with us behind, put our legs shoulder-width apart, squat as if we want to sit on a bench, touch it with our buttocks and immediately lift ourselves up. It is important - you do not sit on the bench completely, but only gently touch it. This exercise well strengthens the front of the thigh, back, and buttocks. Do 2-3 sets of 20-25 reps.

Exercise for a beautiful chest

To train the pectoral muscles, we also use the bench - turn to face it and put our hands on it. It turns out that we accept an emphasis lying. Bend your arms, drop, but without touching the bench, straighten your arms. Make 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps.

Biceps Exercise

On the street, you can do a lot of different exercises, use any stones as sports equipment, if they are large. Choose a stone for your weight, and it will serve as a burden. Also, fit a bottle of water. Raise a stone/bottle in front of you, do not very deep squats, or train your biceps - bend your arms to yourself and straighten. In fact, on the street you can make excellent multi-functional training, so even if you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, you can still train.”

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