Beautiful hands - it's easy: the rules of effective nail care at home


Beautiful hands - it's easy: the rules of effective nail care at home

Nail care is an obligatory and very important procedure, it is necessary for the fair sex not less than facial or hair care. After all, the girl's hands attract the attention of men no less, and beautiful nails can become their real decoration.
Not a single fashionable manicure will look attractive and impressive on nails that break, peel or have an ugly, ribbed shape. Therefore, dear girls, to always be fully prepared and feel confident, do not forget that beautiful hands are your business card!

Proper nail care and features

To always please your nails, care for them should be daily, and it is far from being limited to cosmetic procedures. Beautiful can only be healthy nails, durable and elastic, having a smooth shiny surface pinkish colour, which does not exfoliate, does not break.

If the nail plate is deformed, it becomes too thin or, on the contrary, very thick, rough or with pits, covered with white spots or brown longitudinal grooves, turned yellow, dimmed - all this indicates problems in the state of the whole organism. And most often - it is a lack of vitamin (A, C, E), minerals and useful elements (iron, calcium, phosphorus). Therefore, the first step towards healthy nails is proper nutrition.

Revise your daily diet and be sure to include foods rich in vitamins:
  • A (they are found in liver, carrots, herbs, vegetable oil),
  • C (especially in citrus, black currant, cabbage, especially broccoli),
  • groups B (eat more spinach, sea kale, sprouted wheat),
  • trace elements (you get them with fish, seafood, cottage cheese, legumes, nuts, buckwheat porridge).

Tip! The state of the nail plate and its colour is adversely affected by bad habits, so throwing all the forces on the adjustment of nutrition, try to say goodbye to nicotine addiction.

Nail care at home begins with a caring attitude to their hands. First of all, make it a rule to never do homework, during which you are in contact with household chemicals, without protective rubber gloves. Try to avoid overcooling the nail plate, always wearing winter mittens or gloves. Moisturize the skin of your hands and nails with special creams.

When making a manicure, follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid the use of metal files that destroy the nail surface, it is better to choose a glass nail file,
  • do not use acetone, today nail polish remover safe for nail structure is produced,
  • Use only high-quality tools, keep them in a sterile state (after work, treat with an alcohol solution),
  • do not save on cosmetics, choosing varnishes, compositions and creams of dubious production, they may contain dangerous and harmful components,
  • trim your nails and file them every two weeks,
  • file only dry nails, movements must be strictly in one direction,
  • be sure to massage your hands and nails, masks, baths,
  • pay attention to the cuticle
  • wash your hands with water at room temperature.

Special nail care at home: the best masks

Having figured out how to care for your nails at home, let's take a closer look at special care and start with masks.

A good effect has a vegetable mask consisting of products that are always in the house. Blend a cabbage leaf and peeled raw potato in a blender, add a spoonful of sour cream to the mass. Apply the mixture on your fingers, and after 15 minutes, remove with a damp cotton pad (preferably, if it is soaked in warm milk).

Mix egg yolk with a spoon of honey, a spoon of fresh lemon juice and a spoon of linseed oil. Put on your hands and hold for half an hour, be sure to wear warm gloves.
As a mask, you can use a hand cream, in which the manufacturer included vitamins A, E. Apply it on your nails with a thick layer and leave overnight.
Paraffin therapy is very effective. It is not difficult to make such a mask: melt paraffin, you can add a couple of drops of vitamin E to it, then dip hands into the solution several times and wrap with polyethene, hold for about 15 minutes. Handles after the procedure will be soft, velvety, and nails - elastic.

Special nail care at home: the most simple and effective baths

Special nail care will not be complete without baths, and of course, you need to start with the simplest and most effective of them - with sea salt. It is done simply: dissolve the salt in warm water (one tablespoon per glass) and put your hands in it for ten minutes, then blot with a towel, moisturize the skin with cream.

Mix the chamomile flowers, St. John's wort and yarrow in equal parts. Take a tablespoon of the collection, pour a glass of boiling water, give time to infuse. Then strain and place your hands in the bath for 15 minutes.

An excellent effect has a bath of olive oil, in which a few drops of fresh lemon and iodine juice are added. Heat the composition a little, and then lower the fingertips into it for about fifteen minutes. Rinse your hands with warm water after the bath.
To whiten the nail plate and be able to feed it the juice of fresh lemon.

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