Down with the extra kilos: how to remove fat from problem areas without liposuction


Down with the extra kilos: how to remove fat from problem areas without liposuction

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Thousands of women around the world dream of getting rid of hateful breeches or folds in their knees, starve themselves and practice in sports halls, and problem areas do not diminish ... To remove excess fat, it is not necessary to do liposuction now. There is a new technique - armoplasty. And what is it, read our material.

What is armoplasty?

Armoplasty is the removal of a deep (hormonal) layer of fat from certain areas of the body by massaging. In other words, armoplasty is a kind of massage aimed at softening the deep fat layers that occur in the process of puberty of the body. That is why the procedure can be carried out only after twenty-two years, otherwise, the re-emergence of fat in these zones is possible. However, in most cases, armoplasty forever changes the shape. Most often, women are turning to adjust the size and shape of breeches, abdomen, sides, arms, inner thighs.

Another name for armoplasty is manual liposuction. However, there is a significant difference between manual and conventional surgical correction of the figure: the armoplasty passes without surgery.

How does this happen?

The doctor examines the client, determines the depth and hardness of body fat, and then recommends the patient the duration and number of procedures. Usually, one armoplasty session is held for up to three hours; if the procedure time is too shortened, the effect of softening deep deposits may not be achieved, since the master simply does not have time to reach them.

Massage time depends on the age of the client. People from twenty-two to thirty years are recommended to hold a massage for about three hours, from thirty-three to forty-five - about two hours, and for those who are older than forty-five - about an hour. Procedures on different parts of the body are carried out according to different methods. For example, the abdominal zone is one of the most sensitive, so it takes from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the sensations during the procedure.

Of course, given the painfulness of the procedure, the doctor constantly inquires about the client's state of health and offers him a drink of water, as nausea, dizziness, unpleasant taste in the mouth and other signs of intoxication may occur during the procedure. This is due to the increased consumption of the body's internal water reserves, due to the fact that hormonal fat begins to be drawn into the general metabolism, using a large blood flow. It is worth to drink water during the procedure every half hour and after its completion a couple of days to drink about one and a half to two liters, which will help speed up the elimination of toxins from the body and improve well-being.

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