Here is the worst thing to do with her hair in the summer


Here is the worst thing to do with her hair in the summer

The aggressions suffered by our hair are multiple. During the summer, vigilance is required. We never think of protecting our hair against UV and yet this is not without consequence.

The use of heating tools, too frequent shampoos or stains or discolourations, are all aggressions for the hair fibre. Experts agree that they are the main causes of weakened hair. Faced with this, we are aware of the care to provide. Nevertheless, we forget that the hair is exposed to sun radiation and suffer from it. On a seaside vacation, the worst combo for the hair is the sun and saltwater. The UVs strike vertically on the top of our head. Although the hair acts as a natural barrier, sunburn on the scalp exists. The apparent skin, left by the furrow of a line, for example, can be attacked. Unsurprisingly, fine hair is also the most vulnerable.


Aggression, the scalp can be itchy, redness ... For its part, the hair fibre loses its shine, its softness. It dries up, the tips are brittle, the lengths are dull.

The best remedy? Prevention is better than cure. We do not skip the use of a solar spray even more if the hair is coloured. This capillary ally offers UV protection while being water-resistant. Formulated without oily effect, it nourishes and protects the fibre. For a healthy scalp and hair, we also think about using a nice hat, we shift our hairline. We offer a 360 ° beauty routine by coupling the sun spray with a shampoo and a mask after solar from the sea or a long ride outdoors to repair the fibre deep and eliminate residues salts or related to pollution. To repair the fibre in depth we put on oil baths that we just apply on the lengths. Ricin, coconut ... Vegetable oils are many. Nourishing and moisturizing, they contain beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. If our hair is fine we will prefer the solar kinds of milk which bring a veil adapted to their texture.

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