Honey and its medicinal properties


Honey and its medicinal properties

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Have you ever eaten honey?

Of course, tell me. There is no such person who would not try honey at least once in his life. Honey is loved by everyone except allergies - they are simply contraindicated. In ancient Greece and Rome, honey was a luxury item because of its fabulous price, and it was very difficult to get it. Currently, there are no problems with this - go to the store and buy - buckwheat, sage, from grasses, collected in mountainous areas or in alpine meadows. Drink tea and have fun! And it is possible and to heal them with a cold, a sore throat.

So what is honey and what are its healing properties?

Not everyone knows that vitamins B, C, E, plus essential oils, plus organic acids and protein compounds, plus potassium, sodium, aluminium, and other chemical elements are present in honey. Penetrating inside the epidermis layer, honey carries this complex of useful substances into our body, suppressing pathogenic bacteria and giving us health. And now, dear ladies, a few words for you. Honey is one of the ingredients and, perhaps, the most significant in cosmetology. It can be applied to the face and neck for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, so that the skin is tender and healthy. It must be added to nutritional masks, consisting of yolk and honey, in whitening masks, consisting of honey, glycerin, peach oil, and lemon juice; it is used in masks for hair growth - the list of the use of honey in cosmetology is incredibly large.

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