How to choose a suitable gym and not regret your decision


How to choose a suitable gym and not regret your decision

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You won't surprise anyone with a visit to a fitness club today, but not everyone knows how to choose the perfect one. The editors of collected a useful stop list of signs that always give out bad gyms and dubious fitness clubs.

Dirt is everywhere

When choosing a hall it is best to be a perfectionist. Keep your hands off dirty floors in the dressing room, soiled or unwashed towels and other forms of uncleanliness. If the administration of the club can not ensure the minimum observance of the rules of hygiene and maintaining cleanliness in their premises, then you can end up communicating with the gym. Subscription for a year to buy in such places is not worth it. Let us tell you a secret: there are a lot of bacteria on the shells and simulators in the hall and without any dirt on the floor, so at least external cleanliness and tidy staff are a necessary minimum.


Suppose that you still bought a gym membership and saved a lot. And it is not so important that the fitness club is located at the other end of the city and is absolutely inconvenient for you. The main thing is that you paid two thousand cheaper than if you bought a ticket to the hall in the next house. Let's imagine this situation and let's talk frankly. The first snowfall, barely drizzling rain, tiredness after work - and you will not go to the hall to the other end of the city. In principle, in the near future, the number of excuses will only grow, and the number of visits to your budget club will be proportionally reduced.

Choose a hall, pool, dance courses (underline the necessary), which are within walking distance, otherwise, you are unlikely to get to them. In our opinion, the surest option is the hall near the work. He has a lot of advantages. The form will have to be taken with you to work, which means that you will not be tempted to fall apart on a comfortable sofa at home instead of relaxing on a treadmill. And most importantly - in the hall, you can wait out the rush hour and wild traffic jams on the way home and simultaneously drive away from the calories eaten per day.

Doubtful administrator and sales department

The administration of the fitness club is an instance, the main task of which is to provide a comfortable environment for playing sports. If at the first meeting you do not feel that the administrator can clearly answer all the questions of interest, then there are two options: either the club is not interested in you as a client, or something is being hidden from you? “What can they hide?” You ask. Yes, a lot of things! Let us give a small example from the personal experience of the editors of when buying a new subscription in the gymnasium N, the administrator painted “an incredible water complex consisting of six pools, which should open from day to day”. And most importantly - the subscription was sold with a suspiciously large discount. The result was quite predictable: the annual subscription expired, and no one saw the promised pools.

Trial day

Good gyms always have priority on the comfort of their customers. Therefore, many of them provide a special trial day so that you can come to the gym, look around, test the simulators. You should not neglect this opportunity, because there are always little things that can be noticed only during a visit. Firstly, if during a test day you notice that some simulators are not working, the pool or showers are closed - this is an alarm bell. Secondly, if you are not offered a towel and other basic necessities, this should also alert: again, the hall is not interested in you as in its client on the first day of acquaintance, then, in that case, you do not need such happiness, or there are not enough towels for all customers, which means that it’s not a fact that you will get a towel on your next visit.

Foreign odors

By extraneous odors, we first mean annoying aromas that will stop you from doing. The smell of rubber and even a subtle smell of sweat is absolutely normal for the gym. But if during the marathon race smells of cutlets are hovering in the air, which is prepared in a nearby cafe, it will definitely distract you from playing sports.

Do you need it at all?

Before you buy an annual subscription to the gym, first think about what you expect from sports. If you like to cut circles in the pool, do not go to the club, where you are promised to open 10 pools in two weeks and choose any nearest pool in your area, even if it will not be of an Olympic scale. If you like to dance, attend dance classes in the chosen direction, rather than group classes in fitness clubs, where a whole crowd is gathered for one workout. If you have not been able to decide on the most appropriate type of power load for yourself, then you can purchase a special monthly subscription, which gives you the right to practice at partner clubs. Usually, you can do yoga, stretching, dancing, cycling (cardio training on exercise bikes) on the universal subscription,

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