Lifting makeup: 5 tips on how to look younger than your age


Lifting makeup: 5 tips on how to look younger than your age

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When a beautician does not have enough time for rejuvenating procedures, and make-up with a lifting effect will come to the aid of plastic surgery of courage. The editors of collected detailed instructions that will help you recreate anti-ageing makeup yourself.

Skin preparation

Before you grab the bronzer and foundation, you need to prepare the skin. Choose the right base based on your needs. The most common age problems that can be masked with a primer are enlarged pores, dull or uneven complexion, peeling, rashes, and rosacea.

Enlarged pores and flakings easily hide primers with silicone in the composition. Color-correcting beauty products effectively fight with a non-uniform tone: green hides rosacea and redness, yellow and peach masks dark circles under the eyes, and purple or pink eliminate the sallow complexion and make the overall look more rested.

If you don’t have any of these problems, you shouldn’t neglect the base: a product with reflective particles in the composition will moisturize your skin, prepare it for applying a tone and create the effect of internal radiance.

Dark circles and bags under the eyes
Contrary to general delusion, the lifting effect and chiselled cheekbones do not make the face look younger. But the disguise of dark circles and bags under the eyes just refresh beauty-image. Dark circles should be masked either by weightless concealers with moisturizing ingredients, or try to solve the problem with just one foundation. Concealer applies a tick or inverted triangle, the lower corner of which is at the level of the wing of the nose, and the base stretches from the temple to the beginning of the nasolacrimal sulcus. Blend the tool with a special brush or sponge, the main thing is not to overdo it and remember that concealer has a drying effect. Also, pinpoint concealer on the outer corner of the eye and under the edges of the nose: in these areas often shows rosacea.

It is much more difficult to fight with bags under the eyes, and one can not do just one colour correction here. To ensure blood flow and eliminate stagnant fluid in the tissues, wipe the area around the eyes with an ice cube and then apply a moisturizer. Care products should be stored in the refrigerator, and then ice may not be needed. If you need an instant effect, use a wonderful tool that works like cement and eliminates swelling and bags in seconds due to the reinforcement of fabrics.

A fold of the century

On dark circles and bags, eye makeup is not yet complete, go to the disguise of the impending century. To draw a shadow just above the crease of the eyelid and thereby open the gaze, you will need shades of light grey or brown. Before applying them, use a special base or concealer: these tools will disguise translucent vessels, and make-up will look neater.


So we have reached the point of drawing the fine cheekbones and Chipmunk strips on the nose, which, by a misunderstanding, everyone calls contouring. In the age make-up with this technique, it is better not to overdo it, otherwise, the emaciated look from the drawn protruding bones is provided to you. The first thing to start with is to find the right bronzer: grey and completely red shades will not work, choose a colour that creates the effect of a natural shadow on the face. For an age make-up, cream textures should be preferred: they are easier to extinguish and, unlike powdery ones, do not sink into fine wrinkles.

Correct contouring is not drawing a perfect, smooth line from the corner of the mouth to the upper edge of the ear. To achieve a lifting effect, you will have to work with light and light: feel the cheekbone with your fingers and darken its lower edge, this will help to visually tighten the oval of the face upwards. Distribute the balances on the hands around the edges of the face: along the hairline and lower jaw.

Blush and highlighter

Two more indispensables for giving a healthy blooming beauty product to a face are blush and highlighter. Blush should be chosen to match the colour of the lips or your favourite lipstick, and apply not only on the apples of the cheeks but also in the middle of the cheekbones: this will help visually tighten the face to the temples and provide the desired lifting effect.

Apply the highlighter on the upper part of the cheekbones, just above the blush, in the middle of the forehead and chin, the back of the nose and a tick above the upper lip. To fix the makeup, use special make-up fixers or transparent powder.

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