Make-up without mistakes: makeup tips


Make-up without mistakes: makeup tips

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Today, it becomes easier to find your own shade of lipstick or tonal means than to find suitable shoes. The times of cosmetic deficit are irrevocably a thing of the past, and now almost every woman can afford high-quality cosmetics.
However, despite the abundance of decorative products from advanced Western brands, only rare women can boast the ability to perfectly apply makeup.
Many frankly harm their appearance, emphasizing the shortcomings of the face, making themselves older, using shades that are completely inappropriate for a particular colour type.

Obviously, it is not enough to have a full cabinet of tools from Dior, Chanel, MAC or Bobbi Brown to look like in a picture from a glossy magazine. It is important to master the make-up technique, “fill” the hand and also get acquainted with the theoretical side of the issue.
Ideally, every girl starting to use cosmetics, it is worth to take a course of visage. Not necessarily in order to become a professional makeup artist. For myself.
Another alternative is the Internet, where you can easily find instructional videos and masterclasses on the art of proper makeup. Today, Happiness Of Life together with makeup artists from leading beauty salons tells how to apply makeup in order to look perfect.

Uneven base

Make-up Mistakes: Rough Base

Many women are fed up with not paying enough attention to skincare before applying makeup. The maximum that can be done is to wipe the face with a tonic and apply a cream.

Meanwhile, makeup may lie unevenly on the face simply because the skin has not been exfoliated for a long time, and dead particles create uneven relief. For the tonal base to cover the face with a perfectly smooth layer, you should regularly peel the skin of the face.

In addition, many women do not use the base, but in vain! Due to her makeup will go well and stay long. This can be either a special base (Primer) or face cream, which indicates that it can serve as a base for makeup.

Makeup artist Words:

- If the skin is flaky, then you can not immediately apply a foundation to it. First, grease the desired place with a balm or some kind of oily texture, leave for 3-5 minutes, then remove with tonic or lotion. Only then can you apply a foundation or a masking pencil. The same method should be applied when peeling lips.

You should not use a fatty base, because when applied to her foundation cream will remain oily sheen. And if on top of the tonal layer you plan to apply more powder, it will roll.

Inappropriate tone

Make-up mistakes: improper tone

The most common mistake in the use of tonal means - an incorrect shade. In this case, even if you just picked up your colour in the store, it can let you down in connection with the change of season.

So, the foundation bought in the summer and matched to your tanned skin will be too dark when the tan comes off. And the tone bought in winter, accordingly, will be too light for summer.

This error is especially noticeable on the border of the face and neck when they suddenly become multi-coloured.

The properly chosen foundation should camouflage flaws and blend with the skin, and not cover it like a mask, or cause the illusion of sunburn.

If, when evaluating the result in the mirror, you clearly see on yourself a layer of foundation, this means that either the tint of the product or its texture does not suit you.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

-The incorrectly applied foundation looks on the face unnaturally. It is important to distribute the powder and foundation on the face horizontally, along the massage lines - from the middle of the face to the oval, and not in circles.

Many women when applying makeup completely forget about the chin area. This is especially true when applying the foundation: when it is not brought to this area of the skin, the image remains incomplete.

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist of the network of beauty:

-Shades of tonal resources in stores are striking in their diversity, so often making the right choice can be difficult. Makeup artists advise when choosing to focus on the natural tone of the skin.

However, this rule does not suit everyone: in no case should owners of skin with pink pigment choose tonal means of the same shades. This tone will make the "pinkness" of the skin even more obvious, making the face look ridiculous and unnatural.

It is better to choose tonal means with a tint of beige, but not brown or tan colour: you need to apply the agent on your cheek at the border with the neck and make sure that it blends with your own skin tone.

The beige pigment will block the natural redness of the face, even out the colour, and as a result, the face will not look sore and irritated.

The same applies to rouge: the owners of skin with pink pigment need to choose the means of coral shade or the colour of tea rose.

Excess tone - a common mistake that occurs to those who seek to achieve the perfect complexion, applying layer after layer of concealer, foundation, foundation, powder, blush ...

Also, the effect of excess tone is obtained if the makeup is “updated” several times during the day on top of the previous layer. When abusing tone after the final application of powder on the face, the skin looks dry, peels off, mimic wrinkles become noticeable.

Naturalness disappears, the face becomes like a mask, the make-up is like a “peel”.

To avoid such troubles, it is necessary to apply the concealer as subtly as possible, and only where it is really necessary. In the summer, you can not use a foundation at all, so as not to provoke even more shine of the skin, but lightly walk on the face with a large brush with crumbly powder.

If the face has glittered, it is better to remove the previous layer of tonal means with a moist cosmetic tissue, wait until the skin dries, and then apply a new layer of powder.

Matryoshka effect

Errors in make-up: the effect of nesting dolls

Blush is used to give the face a healthy shade of light blush. However, applying the blush wrong, too intense, or using the wrong shade, you can get the "face effect dolls."

Blush brown and orange hue looks unnatural on the skin because it is not at all like our natural blush, which we acquire in the cold or playing sports.

Most women put blush with a brush from the box in which they were sold. This is a mistake. Professional makeup artists have special brushes for modelling the cheekbones and even shading.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

- Blush applied in two colors. In the set, regardless of what color your skin, should be the color of tan, which will emphasize the cheekbones and make the shape of the face more clearly.

Apply this colour 1 cm below the most convex part of the cheekbone and descend diagonally from ear to nose.

The second colour, which is selected individually in accordance with the characteristics of the skin, is applied in parallel over the tan line, using the “comma” method. That is, the colour from the nose slightly rises upward running line.

If it turned out to be too saturated, you can take a clean brush and rub it off a little in circular motions.

Unsuitable shadows 

Mistakes in make-up: the shadows are not for your eyes

Perhaps the most common mistake regarding eye makeup is that many women simply do not take into account the peculiarity of the structure of their eyes.

As a result, with the wrong make-up, small eyes look even smaller, close-set and wide-set eyes can not be corrected by makeup (although it could be!), And so on. Learn how to correct eye defects with eye shadows.

It is also important that there are no clear boundaries between the different colours of the shadows. Shade the shadows carefully so that the transition from one shade to another is smooth and natural.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

- Shadows should be applied on the eyelids with a small amount. Dip the brush in the shade, lightly shake it and apply shadows over the eyes, layer by layer, depending on what color you want to get the brightness. Move the brush from the inside of the eye to the temple.

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist:

- It is better to moisturize the skin with the cream long before the start of makeup or remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin and powder the skin before applying the shadows, otherwise, they will lie unevenly, quickly roll, and leave the untidy strip in the upper eyelid crease.

For day makeup in the summer, it is better to choose dry matte shadows - they will last longer.

Painted on the outer corner of the eye, bright shadows with mother of pearl emphasize wrinkles.

Such shadows are best applied to the inner corner of the eye, which will give a fresh look and “slightly open” the eye, and put a darker shade on the outer corner for a depth of look.

Unnatural eyeliner

Make-up mistakes: unnatural eyeliner

Many women who want to visually enlarge their eyes, spend a wide line of eyeliner - as a result, the image is absolutely unnatural. A thin line slightly widening at the outer corner of the eye is more than enough.

If you do not know how to apply a liquid eyeliner exactly, then it is better not to use it at all. Alternatively, it is advisable to draw a line with black shadows using a special bevelled eyeliner brush.

It turns out much smoother! A brush can be pre-wet.

Mistakes in make-up happen even among princesses. So, the mistake for which Kate Middleton is often criticized is a clear liner line around the entire eye. If you want to bring both centuries, be sure to blend the line.

Also, many girls like to tint eyelid pencil from the inside. This reduces the eyes visually and is also harmful because the mucous membrane of the eyelids is in direct contact with the eyes.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist :

- Eyeliner should end at the tip of the eyebrows. You should not lead the line further, the very tip can be slightly raised so that the eyes visually look brighter.

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist: 

- If you have narrow small eyes, abandon the circular eyeliner on the inner eyelid: this line will further narrow the eye. It is better to draw a line along the upper eyelid along the outer edge of the eyelashes and slightly shade it. So the eyes will become more visually, and look - deeper.

Sloppy brows

Mistakes in make-up: sloppy eyebrows

The most common mistakes concerning eyebrows are:

✿ wrong shape,

✿ too dark or too light eyebrows

✿ "Shaggy" eyebrows (not fixed with a special gel),

✿ heavily plucked

And many women, applying makeup, just forget about eyebrows! And in vain, because elegantly defined eyebrows can dramatically change the image!

Few people can independently find the most suitable form of eyebrows for themselves - it is better to provide a professional. Then, after the master makes your eyebrows perfect, you can learn how to maintain this shape if you wish.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

The shape of the eyebrows is created from the middle of their elevation. In a literal sense, this part is lifted with a hand, a “tick” is put, and already from this line, the form goes down.

If you apply the outline of the shadows, rather than a pencil, the colour of the eyebrows will look more natural.

Apply the eye shadow to the eyebrows in such a way as to colour the hairs, not the skin of the face. If you get a darker and brighter colour, you need to take a brush and shade.

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist:

Owners of light eyelashes and eyebrows (mostly blondes and light brown girls) should pay attention to how brightly their eyebrows look with this or that makeup.

If the makeup is saturated, for example, “smoky eyes”, then eyebrows should definitely add colours, otherwise, the face will run without eyebrows, the emphasis will be on the eyes.

To avoid this, it is necessary to tint eyebrows with light strokes of hair growth, using a grey or brown pencil with a mandatory shading.

Visible lip contour

Make-up errors: visible lip contour

A lip liner is used to create a beautiful shape of the lips, to visually increase their volume, and so that the lipstick does not “spread out”, but lies tightly within clearly defined borders.

The main problem with using a lip liner is its visibility. Women often use a darker contour tint than lipstick, so the lip line is visible.

I think it is needless to say that everything that gives the artificiality of an image looks ugly.

Another common mistake is to delineate the contour, not at the border of the lips but to expel it further onto the skin. Of course, if you use this trick is minimal - you can visually enlarge the lips, but everything should be within reason.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

- The contour of the lips is recommended to draw from the middle, from the so-called upper "tick" to the outer corners. If you need to add volume, you can apply a stroke slightly above the lip contour.

If the colour turned out very bright or the line came out uneven, with a clean brush, draw along this contour to get the desired shade. If the contour needs to be removed altogether, before that we drop the brush into powder or foundation, after which the paint can be easily removed without leaving any marks.

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist:

- Brown eyeliner with a lipstick of the “coffee with milk” color looks ridiculous and reminds of unsuccessful experiments with the appearance of the 80s-90s. Nowadays, naturalness is in fashion, so the color of the pencil should be in harmony with lipstick or gloss and be of the same color as them, or a tone darker.

The contour should be carried out on the outer edge of the lips, slightly adjusting their natural shape.

In no case can not draw a line on the skin, significantly retreating from the edge of the lips, trying to visually increase their volume. In this case, it is better to abandon eyeliner altogether and choose brilliance.

Dark lipstick 

Makeup Mistakes: Dark Lipstick

For many women, it would be a mistake to use too dark shades of lipstick. These colours visually age the face, drawing attention to the nasolabial folds. Also on their background are more prominent skin and teeth.

Therefore, if you doubt with a shade of lipstick, it is better to prefer light natural shades or even pink lip gloss.

An unpleasant impression is made by lipstick imprinted on the teeth. Many women lick their teeth to avoid this, keeping their lips closed. You can also advise smearing your teeth with petroleum jelly - they say that this is exactly what Hollywood stars do to avoid trouble in the form of teeth stained with lipstick.

Sophia Tatulova, makeup artist:

- Applying lipstick directly from the case is a common mistake. Lipstick on the lips is better to apply with a brush, layer by layer. If applied incorrectly, the structure will be very dense, and the color-saturated.

The brush forms a shade gradually and fixes it on the lips in the right amount. 

Irakli Sardalishvili, top stylist, makeup artist:

- A big mistake in everyday life is to combine bright, expressive eyes with an active lip color. This makeup is usually used to create certain images for the podium, it requires a professional application technique and an unmistakable combination of colors.

On weekdays, makeup “smoky eyes” with lipstick plum shade will look vulgar and will definitely add you a dozen years. Therefore, for a win-win make-up, it is important to remember that the emphasis should be placed on either the eyes or the lips.

Bright, even dark shades of lipstick are now in vogue, but owners of thin lips should not get carried away with them: the richer the colour of lipstick on lips, the thinner they look.

In particular, this applies to matte lipstick. If the mood or the situation requires an active colour, then it is better to give preference to the gloss of saturated hues: they will not only be less bright than a lipstick but also give the lips a visual volume due to the play of light on their moist texture.

* * *

Make-up should be applied in good light - many people forget about this rule, applying cosmetics where there is a mirror, without taking light into account. Then, after evaluating yourself in the mirror on the street, you can find that the makeup is either too bright or, conversely, not as bright as we would like.

Makeup is better to apply at the window in natural daylight, but not in bright sunlight. If a lamp is used, the light source should evenly and brightly (but not too) illuminate the face.

Another mistake - makeup, not appropriate to the situation. Make-up for office, evening out and Saturday walks in nature should be different. A woman doing flashy makeup, going to work, risks looking vulgar, and on vacation - just stupid.

In English, there is even a term for such a beauty error - "overdressed". 

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