Makeup tips that no one has ever heard


Makeup tips that no one has ever heard

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Attention! Currently, before you open the secret files about the correct make-up.

All the beautiful half of humanity want to boast a great relationship with makeup. I want to show that with makeup they are on "you." But there are such days when eyeliner refuses to go in a straight line when after a bronzer it seems that someone burned in a tanning salon, and an indispensable mascara for all girls refuses to twist eyelashes. And after such disappointments, I want to throw the cosmetic bag off the top floor, but do not hurry! Here are the best methods of makeup, while absolutely free!

Ten Universal Makeup Tips 

1) Not less important is not only makeup but the quality of brushes that are used for makeup. The better the brush, the better the makeup, and, of course, the brush will not lose its lint during the make-up of the face.

2) Do not limit yourself to only one type of foundation. It is safe to mix the liquid foundation with cream or powder.

3) Love your faults - and hide them from others. How to cover redness from acne or blue tones under the eyes. Opposite colors balance makeup. To get rid of redness, you need to apply concealer with a greenish tinge, and blue tones under the eyes remove orange concealer. If the only beige concealer is used for all these problems, it will give these areas only a dirty tint. 

4) There are people who hate the shape of their faces. Then contouring is your magic wand. If you want a round face to look more oval, take a bronzer in your hands and blend it in 3 places: temples, cheekbones, and chin. If it seems that the forehead is too wide or large, make a darkening along the hairline.

5) The wonders of makeup can even change the shape of the eyes - and no operations. If the eyes are narrow, they can be lengthened. It is necessary to hold the arrow with black eyeliner or a pencil on the outer corners of the eyes. 

6) Properly selected shadows are also important. For blue eyes - orange shades, golden, peach are suitable. These colors emphasize the depth of blue eyes. For green eyes, shadows that have red hues are suitable - plum or wine colors. Owners of brown eyes are the happiest, as brown is a neutral color, and absolutely any color is suitable for it. But most of all blue and purple. 

7) The right shade of lipstick will make you confident. If you choose bold and bright shades, then your eyes should be calm tones and vice versa. 

8) Do not draw eyebrows with a pencil - this is not a drawing lesson. It is best to use eyebrow shadows and shade them with an angled brush. Eyebrow look will be more natural. 

9) Artificial eyelashes - we are not going to use them instead of a fan. If you want to have lush eyelashes, powder them with powder before applying mascara. 

10) Do not get carried away with powdered. It can really help remove excess shine and improve skin tone, but over time it will give you wrinkles. Beautiful appearance attracts, but you should not abuse cosmetics. Natural beauty is much better!

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