The tips of the hair are split. What to do?


The tips of the hair are split. What to do?

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In our modern time, it is difficult to maintain healthy hair, there are many factors that adversely affect the hair, for example, the eternal lack of nutrients, the environment and, of course, a variety of colours, varnishes, styling, hair dryers and much more. And for long hair, the main problem is constantly split ends of hair.

Why is this happening, let's see? So, why do the tips of the hair split?

To begin, you must understand that the hair section is a disease called trichoptilosis. Trichotilosis is a violation of the structure of the internal fibre of the hair and as a result, the hair splits at the ends. And long hair is especially prone to this disease. The main reasons for the section of the ends of the hair:

-The first is that the power supply in long hair is uneven, and very often all the necessary substances are located at the roots of the hair, and only a very small amount reaches the tips.

-The second - a variety of styling contribute to the appearance of the section. It follows from this that by doing daily styling, we spoil our beauty with our own hands - hair.

-Third, many women look after their hairs incorrectly and eventually, their hair starts to ache and split. Improper care can be - hair products that are completely unsuitable for your hair type, coarse and stiff comb, which mercilessly pulls and injuries hair and much more.

-Fourth - climatic conditions. In the hot season, hair under the influence of ultraviolet dries and begins to split. In winter, the hair is affected by frosty air, wind, and snow, which in principle is also very bad.

How to treat split ends of hair?

Each long-haired beauty, having such a problem as split ends of hair, wants to cure them and at the same time leave the entire length of hair. But often this is simply not possible. Dissected hair is like bunches of weak thin hairs that can no longer be repaired, they can only be cut off. Therefore, there is only one thing - either to cut off the diseased tips of about 2.5 cm. Or simply change the hairstyle with the help of a new haircut. Also in the salon, you can make a haircut with hot scissors, which, when trimmed, literally "solder" the ends of the hair and thereby prevent further section. This haircut is done 1 time in three months and as a result, your hair is always in a healthy state. If you have found a way out and got rid of sick and split ends, do not forget the prevention of the section:

  • Eat right, let your hair regularly receive all the necessary nutrients. 

  • Carefully and properly care for your hair and scalp. If you noticed that you have dandruff, it means that you need to get rid of it urgently (good now it is possible), because dandruff leads to weakening of the hair and prevents oxygen from flowing into the hair follicle. 

  • Choose hair cosmetics only those that are suitable for your type of hair and preferably for split and damaged hair. Carefully look at the composition of the product and if it contains alcohol, refuse to purchase it, because Alcohol leads to dry hair and scalp. 

  • Never comb wet hair, in this state they are especially susceptible to breakage. 

  • If you do daily styling using any means, then you should wash your hair every night, because the means on your hair close the access of oxygen to your hair. 
  • When using a hair dryer, put it on the minimum power.

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