Top 5 Lazy Exercises


Top 5 Lazy Exercises

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Exercise 1: Reverse Push-ups

Effective basic exercise, developing triceps. Simply put, allowing you to pull up your hands.

Starting position: To perform this exercise, you must turn your back on the sofa and rest your hands on it a distance a little wider than your shoulders. Stretch your legs forward and rest your heels on the floor.

The technique of performance: On the inhale, lower the pelvis down, bending your elbows. On the exhale, return to the original position. Perform 3 sets of 15 times.

Exercise 2: Raise the pelvis up

Raising the pelvis perfectly loads the gluteus maximus muscles, additionally working on the biceps of the hips (muscles of the back surface). Make sure your fingers are pointing towards the heels; Keep your feet and knees at the width of your hips. Firmly press the shoulders and body against the floor surface, slightly raise the toes, transfer the weight to the heels.

Starting position: Lie down, stretch your arms along the body and press them to the sofa. Bend your knees and pull them as close to your hips as possible. Keep your feet and knees wide across your hips. Firmly press the shoulders and body against the surface of the sofa, slightly raise the toes and focus on the heels.

The technique of performance: Lift the pelvis upward so that the body forms a straight line with the hips. Reaching the top point of movement, maximally tighten the muscles of the buttocks. Keep this position for 2–5 seconds. Go down slowly for 1-2 breaths, avoid jerks and sudden movements. Repeat this exercise 15-10 times 2-3 approaches.

Exercise 3: Twisting

This exercise is the most common pumping press. At the same time lays down the minimum load.

Starting position: Lie back on the sofa and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Put your hands in the lock, behind your head, and spread your elbows to the sides.

The technique of performance: Carefully, without jerking, begin to raise the shoulders and bring them to your knees. From the top point, slowly return to the starting position. IMPORTANT: in this exercise, the back should be rounded. In this position, the rectus abdominis is reduced with the greatest efficiency and impact. Do exercise 3 repetitions 20-25 times.

Exercise 4: Superman

The name may cause a smile, but this exercise is extremely effective for working out and strengthening the lower back.

Starting position: Lie on the sofa, face down and stretch your arms forward. Raise your head slightly.

The technique of performance: Tightening the back muscles, try to pull off the legs and chest from the sofa, as high as possible. Arms and legs ought to be parallel to every alternative. Hold the top for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower your legs and arms back to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Exercise 5: Swing your legs down

Swinging your foot to the side-lying on your side is a simple but effective exercise for working out your legs and buttocks.

Starting position: Lie on your right side and stretch your legs. Lean on the elbow of one hand and set the other in front of you at the level of the abdomen. She will perform the role of support. Make sure that in this position you can maintain balance and you are comfortable enough.

The technique of performance: Move your left foot up as far as possible. This should occur vertically to the side. Not forward and not back - to the side. The lower right leg can be slightly bent for greater stability. Return the leg to its original position. Repeat as many times as necessary and rollover. Perform this exercise 3 sets of 10-15 times.

Here, in general, and all the lazy exercises with the most affordable projectile in the world - a sofa. You can even perform them while watching the next exciting movie. What do you think about home workouts?

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