What beauty treatments will help you lose weight quickly


What beauty treatments will help you lose weight quickly

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The modern menu of beauty salons offers such procedures, after which you can immediately lose weight. Yes, to reduce the volume, improve skin tone, get rid of cellulite - all this is real and possible.

In many clinics and salons spend whole anti-cellulite and slimming complexes that will quickly help you achieve the body of your dreams. Completely different methods and tools are used to achieve the best result, so let's consider the three most effective ones.

Anti-cellulite complex

The anti-cellulite complex Sb26, existing on the basis of the beauty salon “Miley”, is one of the most effective methods in combating figure flaws. The program includes three stages. First, the skin is cleansed with a scrub with walnuts and essential oils of cloves and cinnamon. The scrub removes dead skin cells, and three oils stimulate the microcirculation of the blood and prepare the skin for the adoption of active wrapping components.

Next begins the massage with anti-cellulite serum. The product contains wheat germ oil, stimulates metabolism and promotes good blood circulation in the tissues, and vitamin E for skin renewal. The program contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the tissues and contributes to the alignment of the skin relief.

Paraffin capsule

Paraffin capsule is presented in the clinic "5 elements". This is one of the main methods in the treatment of cellulite and even obesity in this center. The program is based on the action of unique Japanese paraffin.

Paraffin gently heats the skin. With the increasing temperature in the body, all metabolic processes are activated, blood circulation and lymph flow improve. Paraffin capsule with the new force starts the work of all body systems, and after the procedure, you feel the lightness and youth in the whole body. The effect will not take long - you will notice changes after the first procedure.


However, one of the most effective today is the apparatus for carrying out the Endosphere therapy.

Endosphere therapy is one of the most sought-after hardware massage techniques in cosmetology. Specialists salon Profile Professional Club recommend a procedure for rapid weight loss. The procedure quickly leads to obvious positive results. Micro vibrations created by special rotating spheres made of silicone affect problem areas.

It is thanks to this micro-vibration in the human body begins an active blood microcirculation. As a result, there is an improvement in the cellular nutrition of the skin, as well as muscle tissue. In the body, blood circulation is improved, thereby improving skin color. A total of six sessions of Endosfera therapy is enough to notice weight loss and improvement in skin quality. The duration of the results after-treatment of the Endosphere is about six months.

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