What women men consider beautiful


What women men consider beautiful

All women want to please men. Someone nature cheated natural beauty, but the girls and then found a way out, they put makeup on her face and dress stylishly and beautifully. And how in understanding of men the beautiful woman should look?

First of all, men want to see a creature next to them that I would like to care for; a woman should look cute and feminine to resemble a child.

All children can observe wide-open eyes, and therefore women put eyeliners on their eyes to visually enlarge and slightly open them. The woman should also have a small nose, it is desirable that he was also a snub. But men are characterized by a big and manly nose.

Women's eyebrows should be very elegant. They should be set high, resemble an arc gently curved above the eye. Eyebrow color should be dark. If your eyebrows are raised, the look will be much more open, which men like even more.

Not a single female face looks well big open forehead. Such a forehead would suit a man rather than a woman. A lot of girls do not understand that their high forehead, open to view, does not paint them at all. This forehead should be closed bangs. The optimum size of the forehead is the forehead, which corresponds to the size of the nose.

It is not necessary to put large earrings into your ears if the size of your ears is very large. It is better to cover these ears with a hairdo.

Hands should be well-groomed and gentle. Use constantly moisturizers. You should not wear massive rings on your fingers if they do not have natural beauty. Just make a perfect manicure with a transparent varnish.

All women mistakenly think that men are attracted to large breasts. This is not true! It's all about proportions. Owners of small breasts need only keep their body fit while walking straight as if slightly bending forward, so the breast will appear taller and larger. 

Now let's talk about heels. They must be worn by every self-respecting girl and woman. Any figure will make more slender and attractive high heels. But do not overdo it; heels should be no more than 8-10 centimeters. Heels make our legs slimmer due to the fact that the legs are strained when walking and become more elastic and beautiful, the foot in shoes with heels seems much less due to the curvature. With the help of heels can be much higher. Heeled shoes are suitable for absolutely all young ladies, except for very tall women. If your height is no more than 170 centimeters, then the doctor ordered you to wear heels. And if you also have a plump figure, then you are just made for heels. And remember that with heels it is best to wear dresses, not pants. Although our fashion allows you to wear with high heels and business suits.

And, perhaps, the most important sign of female beauty is a hairstyle, that is, hair. Few men like women with untidy hair. Therefore, watch your hair care throughout the day. Go to hairdressing at least once a month to shave split hair. Do hair or wear hair loose, and our men like both. According to statistics, most men love long, luxurious hair. But it all depends on the beauty of the hair, some very short well-groomed hair will look on their owner much better than long and scruffy. Choose hairstyles that suit your face.

Here, perhaps, are all signs of the beauty of women who value men as attractive.

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