Why am I not losing weight?


Why am I not losing weight???

The most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

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Why am I not losing weight??? The most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

How often do you come across a situation where everything seems to be doing the right thing - you don’t miss workouts, you don’t lose your calories, and the number of calories is reduced - but the weight doesn’t go away? When there are no results for a long time or they are insignificant, it is not difficult to despair and gives up this undertaking. But don't give up so fast! Perhaps you are just doing something wrong and small adjustments to your plans for losing weight will help the process to get the ball rolling.

Victoria Ogurtsova
Cycling Trainer Zaryad.studio

Lack of an integrated approach to the training process

The main reason for slowing down the process of losing weight is the lack of an integrated approach and a shift in focus only on one type of activity - cardio or strength training. For example, in an attempt to quickly part with fat, you can not get out of cycling studios or from a treadmill. In this case, the percentage of fat will certainly decrease, but you should not forget that under it lurk muscles, joints, ligaments, and internal organs and in case of sudden weight loss without strengthening the muscular frame (distinctive features of strength training) problems with the locomotor system -vascular system will be difficult to avoid.

It would not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with such a concept as “sarcopenia”. This is exactly the diametrically opposite situation in which, in pursuit of the cherished relief, you do not part with the barbell and in fear of losing the accumulated muscle mass “just in case” with such difficulty, avoid cardiovascular activity, and therefore do not approach the exercise bike closer than 3 meters. In this case, the muscles will increase in volume, but the results of the efforts will be hidden all under the same fat layer.

The ideal solution - training should be varied, with a slight margin in the direction of the desired condition. If the plans simply reduce the fat component, then one power should be about two cardio training per week. If the increase in muscle mass is in priority, the proportion changes in the opposite way. These are approximate figures because we are all different and only an individual approach will provide an opportunity to make the optimal training regime.

Why am I not losing weight??? The most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

Excessive passion for sports in general

Daily workouts, sometimes even twice, without adjusting for fatigue, pain, cramps, lack of appetite and sleep problems, coupled with a sharp reduction in calorie intake can lead to the desired figures on the scales, but the effect will be even more short-lived than with experiments with diet. But overtraining syndrome is provided to you. In addition to the above, there are also health problems attached, which cardiologists, endocrinologists, traumatologists, and in especially difficult cases - also psychologists, will help you later.

The use of drugs for weight loss

This is the most dangerous and slippery path. We are talking about all kinds of diuretics, laxatives and diet pills. As a rule, this method is used by the most impatient and sprinters, who have 2 weeks before the wedding, an hour and a half before the plane or the sale ends at the store, where you can buy a dream dress that is only a couple sizes smaller at half price. The danger is caused by the fact that the principle of action of such drugs is reduced to a change (and in some cases a violation) of the main physiological processes in the body. Roughly speaking, in order to lose weight, you fit into a system that has evolved from you, from the simplest forms of life to your current state for more than one thousand years. It's like trying to operate a person with a fork and knife - so-so story, you see.

Alexander Podstivy
personal trainer A-Fitness Kislovsky

Smoking and drinking

These habits smoothly and confidently poison our body without giving any positive changes in the body, but on the contrary, it slows down all metabolic processes (metabolism).

Food ignorance

This is one of the most important components for obtaining the coveted result. About 85% of those who want to lose weight will say that counting calorie, a balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates - this is a long time, that this tires them, makes them angry, etc. But, alas, without this in any way. Understand what protein, fats and carbohydrates are. Read how this or that nutrient affects your body. Understand that you can not cut fats to zero, as this can cause problems with hormones - in both men and women. You can not completely remove the carbohydrates - feeling bad will be provided to you. In all, the most important thing is the right balance, balance.

Why am I not losing weight??? The most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight


Alas, there is no way to get away from it, but you need to understand that if it is inevitable, then you need to find ways to calm it down. If breathing techniques do not help, use supplements that include magnesium and vitamin B6 at night, so that you have a full sleep - this minimizes the deviations in the hormonal background caused by stress.

Lack of proper rest

Good rest is very important. It should even be from training. You are not a machine, but a living organism, which should receive a load and time to recover from it, because as much as possible we lose weight effectively not when we train, but when we rest after that.

Summarizing all the above, I would like to note that in a fight with extra pounds, your assistants will be:

  • The balance of consumption and calorie consumption, as well as diet correction in the context of a macro- and micronutrients.

  • Quality control of food is eaten (in other words, eat cleaner).

  • Active and diverse, and most importantly - regular - training.

  • High-quality recovery after the transferred loads (sleep, diet).

  • Avoiding neuroses and getting rid of the illusions that there is a miracle cure for weight loss - just remember: they do not exist.

  • Control your own health and the desire to tune in to long-term systematic work to obtain a stable result and to achieve a beautiful, toned appearance.

Be always beautiful!

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