Sit All Day? Stay Active with Three Easy Tips


Sit All Day? Stay Active with Three Easy Tips

Your body sends signals to let you know that sitting isn’t great for your health.

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After sitting behind a desk for a few hours your back aches, your neck and shoulders are tight, and you feel sluggish.

But did you know that extended periods of sitting can actually shave years off your life?

The facts are clear: sitting causes increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Luckily, Guard Your Health has an easy solution. Get up and move!


  • Break every 30 minutes.  Set a timer and get up every 30 minutes for at least two minutes. Stretch. Pace around. Do some jumping jacks. If you can, walk outside. If not, walk around the inside perimeter of your workplace.

  • Walk instead of email. If you have time, walk over and talk to your colleague rather than email or call. If you need to set up a meeting, suggest a walking meeting where you and your colleague brainstorm while walking outside.

  • Work out or walk at lunch. Most companies grant employees a 30- or 60-minute lunch break. If there’s a gym nearby, squeeze in a workout during lunch. You only need 20 minutes to finish strong cardio or weight session. If the gym isn’t your thing, go for a 30-minute walk.

These suggestions apply when you’re at home, too. Try replacing an hour of TV time with exercising, playing with your pet or kid, going for a walk, or doing an at-home exercise DVD.


Incorporate stretching into your get-up-every-30-minutes routine. These stretches can open up your chest, target your shoulders, and bring relief to your lower back.

If you must sit for extended periods of time, learn how to set up your chair and desk with proper alignment. A properly aligned workspace avoids putting unnecessary pressure on your hips, back, or spine.

Staying active is vital to improving your long-term health and readiness. The increased movement will help you burn more calories and can lead to increased energy and weight loss. That’s worth getting up and fighting for!

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