7 reasons why your make-up does not hold all-day


7 reasons why your make-up does not hold all-day

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The make-up, you know it. Every morning, you take the time to put on makeup. And yet, at the end of the day, you go home and discover with sadness that everything has tarnished or even disappeared. But why? Here are seven reasons why your makeup does not hold all day.

The alarm clock rings early. Always too early. And yet, you motivate yourself to get up even earlier, to go through the makeup box. For you, impossible to ignore this crucial step.

Yet every night is the same discouragement. You come back after a gruelling day, you look in the mirror and discover with sadness and helplessness that your makeup is the trunk.

But why so much hatred? While you have taken the time to apply your foundation with love, your tanning powder with tenderness and your mascara with the hope of having a doe look all day long.

But in the end, it is not so. To end this unsustainable suspense and adopt the right tips, Cosmo reveals seven reasons why your makeup does not hold all day.

Makeup that does not fit? You touch your face too much

Constantly touching her hair makes them fat, it's a fact. So, why do we continue to touch our faces? But we should know that it does not do anything good ...

Yes, the constant touch, combined with the heat released by the hands, helps to remove some of the makeup. Worse, this bad reflex can spread germs on the skin and promote the appearance or worsening of acne.

So rule number 1 in the beauty sphere: we keep his hands away from his face.

For long-lasting makeup, do not neglect the steps of daily facial care

In order for the cosmetics applied to the face to the last longer, you have to take care of your skin. Dehydrated and clogged, it will hold the products much less well.

Do not remove makeup every night, do not clean your face twice a day, do not exfoliate your skin or do not make a mask cause drying and disruption of the skin that will be felt on the makeup.

And that's not all. It's not enough to mention, "a moisturizer and you are done". Every part of the face needs proper care. The eyelids and lips should be given special attention with moisturizing care adapted to the lips and around the eyes. Thus, they will retain better makeup. 

Choosing the wrong foundation, the number 3 reason for a makeup that does not fit

You have to choose your foundation based on your skin type. If it does not hold all day, it is surely that you are mistaken in the choice of the texture and the formulation.

As a reminder, oily skin will retain better a powder foundation, while dry skin will prefer a more fluid texture.

If you do the opposite, the fluid foundation, often formulated with oil, will "slip" on oily skin and will not hold all day. Similarly, the powder foundation will dry out the sensitive skin even more. And as we saw above, poorly hydrated skin retains the make-up-less well. Hello, hellish spiral!

Retouching her makeup during the day, the false good idea for a long-lasting make-up

It is wrong to think that doing small touch-ups here and there will improve the hold of his makeup. In reality, the accumulation of successive layers of make-up dehydrates the skin. It's the return of the infernal spiral ...

It is better to forget this step. Instead, the excess sebum is absorbed. Before the makeup is completely gone, tap the T zone with cigarette paper, tissue paper, or tissue. Thus, it avoids adding to the complexion with other layers of make-up.

Reason number 5: do not use make-up spray

Here's a precious ally for a long-lasting make-up! We think, wrongly again, that the make-up fixing spray is just another beauty gadget, just good to make us spend more money for not much.

And yet, the fixer spray is makeup what lacquer is to the hairstyle. So, a few sprays before you leave and you are guaranteed that the make-up will withstand the ordeals of time more easily.

Misapplying her lipstick, the number 6 reason for makeup that does not last all-day

The lipstick is definitely the most difficult cosmetic to take a whole day. Talk, drink, eat, wipe your mouth with a towel ... So many gestures that make the colour disappear on our lips.

In addition to the quality of lipstick, which has a great impact on his outfit, some missteps in the application of it could be avoided, for example: do not exfoliate his lips from time to time, do not moisturize them , do not apply a veil of loose powder on them and do not put a second layer that allows to make hold the lipstick longer.

Mischief and misapplication of eyeshadow, the beauty mistake to avoid for long-lasting makeup

Combine the fact of not applying a special base eyelid (which will smooth them and allow better adhesion of cosmetics) not to remove the excess foundation or perspiration that nestles on your eyes and you will get: an eye shadow that is the trunk. Leaving you, as a bonus, a nice dark line in the hollow of fine lines.

And if, in addition to all that, you do not choose the right formulation for your skin type, you can be sure that your eye makeup will not last long.

As a reminder, we choose a powder compact powder for oily skin and a blush-cream for dry skin. Makeup will be more likely to last.  

 So promised, we give up bad habits?


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