Beauty: the mistakes not to make with your nail polish


Beauty: the mistakes not to make with your nail polish

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Do you dream of a perfect manicure, but miss your mark every time? Find out how to easily fix the most common mistakes.

  1. Quickly done, badly done
  2. Skip the base
  3. Start too low
  4. Apply a big coat and that's it

We may have all the goodwill in the world, the application of varnish can sometimes turn into a nightmare. We end up with colour on the sweater, the pants, the table and the hands, but our nails look like those of a little girl of 5 years old. The American site asked an expert to decode the most frequent errors and the best ways to solve them.

Quickly done, badly done

As much to say it right away: putting on the correct varnish takes time. To be sure of having a good result, do not plan a quarter of an hour between shopping and the dishes, but the rather quiet time of the day, like in the evening in front of the TV.

It takes the installation of the base, the first layer of varnish, the second and the topcoat, as well as a drying time of ten minutes between each layer. Make sure to finish each activity that could damage your manicure before you start.

Skip the base

Do not underestimate the base. To ensure that your varnish lasts more than a day, this product is essential because it allows good adhesion. It also protects the nails from certain slightly aggressive colours which can leave traces that are difficult to remove.

Start too low

The varnish sticking out on the skin at the edge of the fingers is annoying. To avoid spending the evening with cotton swabs soaked in solvent, apply the varnish starting from a quarter of the nail and not completely at the end. A little space between the skin and the varnish gives a cleaner result than varnish everywhere.

Apply a big coat and that's it

If the varnish you have chosen is lighter than it looked, no need to apply a too thick layer, the result will not be very pretty and you have a 90% chance of damaging the varnish before let it be dry. Arm yourself with patience and apply several thin layers, waiting for the varnish to be completely dry between each layer.

If the result still does not satisfy you, why not try a mat effect topcoat, which helps darken the colour a little…

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