Fear of not getting pregnant: what to do


Fear of not getting pregnant: what to do

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You have decided to have a baby with your partner, and you are impatient to get pregnant. Joy can quickly give way to stress, anxiety, and fear of not getting there. Discover some techniques to release the pressure and regain control of your life.

  1. Manage wait
  2. Be a day late for a pregnancy test
  3. To please yourself
  4. Strengthen the couple
  5. Recognize the difficulty
  6. To make a break

Trying to get pregnant can take over your daily life, especially if the waiting time turns out to be longer than expected. The tested fertility can be drawn into a whirlwind of sadness and obsession, and it is not uncommon to develop depression when trying to conceive a baby for long months.

We cannot change reality, but we can control how we respond to these challenges. Each month, you may feel sad the week of your period, obsessed with ovulation the following week, and then anxious for the two weeks of doubt. Fortunately, there are solutions to stop going around in circles.

Manage wait

Each day between ovulation and the next period may seem like a year. Hello, stress. If you want to stop spending these two weeks in full anxiety, it's time to focus on something else: a date, a girls' night, a cinema, a pool session, or even a creative project can you occupy the mind.

Be a day late for a pregnancy test

The supply of pregnancy tests is well hidden at the bottom of a closet or cabinet in the bathroom. The risk: being tempted to do it earlier and earlier, hoping for a positive result before you even notice a delay in the cycle. The result: an emotional roller coaster. Try to resist the temptation and wait at least a day late before rushing for a pregnancy test.

To please yourself

Stress can occupy the mind so much when trying to get pregnant that we forget our usual pleasures. Take the paper and a pen, and write down about 50 activities that you enjoy. It can be a simple bubble bath or dancing like crazy in your living room. Do you have no ideas? Ask your loved ones and your partner what has made you smile in recent years. Post the list in a visible place and enjoy it when you feel the blues coming.

Strengthen the couple

Infertility is known to turn sex into a chore, recalls the Very Well Family site. From frustration to shame and low libido, trying to get pregnant can have an impact on your sex life. It is therefore important to rebalance the relationship with your partner. Take the time to chat about how you feel, and what might help you get closer and connect more.

Recognize the difficulty

Regaining control does not mean pretending that everything is fine and that infertility has no effect on your emotions. Taking the time to recognize difficult feelings can help you feel freer and more relaxed. You can write, share your feelings with an online community, or seek the help of a therapist. Therapy is also useful for a couple whose relationship is complicated.

To make a break

If trying to get pregnant has really taken over your life and all your efforts are not working, it may be time to take a step back. Taking a break from your design efforts can help you regain control. Discuss this with your doctor, and don't be afraid to focus on yourself for a few months.

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