Here's why you have white hair at 20


Here's why you have white hair at 20

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Here's why you have white hair at 20

When the genetic factor is not involved, the reason for early depigmentation of the hair may be environmental or linked to an illness.

  1. The stress
  2. Cigarette
  3. Health

Some people notice their first white hair at the age of 30 or 40, while others already have small silver streaks in their twenties. Why? If your parents went the same way as you, at the same age, the cause is genetic. You just have to curse your DNA and make a colour, or proudly assume your look that inspires wisdom and maturity (this is not scientifically proven). But if your family members still have their natural colour, here are some causes that may explain your early depigmentation:

The stress

Experts are still debating about it, the site says, but some studies seem to prove a link between stress and the appearance of grey hair. More work is needed to better understand this mechanism, but numerous testimonies provide proof that a stressful period of life has an impact on the quantity of grey hair. You only need to look at photos of President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2016 to see how his life at the White House has changed his physique.


Nothing is worse than tobacco for the health and appearance of the skin and hair. Studies have shown a link between cigarettes and the appearance of white hair before the age of 30. Smokers' skin is wrinkled, and their hair is wrinkled, in a way, because tobacco affects the hair follicles. 


In some rare cases, the early appearance of white hair may indicate a health problem such as an autoimmune disease that affects the skin and hair (vitiligo or alopecia), a thyroid or pituitary gland disorder, or, a lack of vitamin B12 caused by anaemia. All of these factors have a lesser impact compared to the genetic factor, but if your immediate family does not have white hair, this may be a good reason to go to a doctor and check that the thyroid is fine, as well as the iron levels in the blood.

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