How to enhance thin lips?


How to enhance thin lips?

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Having thin lips can be disturbing, especially when you consider that over time, lips become dehydrated, lose volume, and can make you look sad or severe. But then, how can we enhance and repulse them? Makeup, skincare or hyaluronic acid injections?

How to enhance thin lips?

  1. How to make up thin lips?
  2. What beauty treatments for thin lips?
  3. What injections to restore volume to the lips?

What solutions are there to give volume to thin lips? Make-up, skincare or injections, here are the tips of 3 experts to find a smile!

How to make up thin lips?

Response with Mike, make-up artist.

  • Prepare the contours: by unifying the skin all around the lips with a touch foundation. The skin colour is uniform, blurred imperfections, we create a beautiful backdrop to enhance the mouth.
  • Highlight the cupid's arch and chin: by adding a touch of highlighter above the lip, just on the lines of the arch, we give an impression of volume on this area which tends to lack it. Ditto on the rounding of the chin, we blur the finger touch of highlighter to illuminate the lower face.
  • Leave the edge blurred: we put the colour in the centre of the mouth without redrawing the outline in pencil, especially on the lower lip, otherwise, beware of the “dog lips” effect. The pencils jumbo are perfect for applying a bit imprecise.
  • Soften pointy lips: erase their harsh side and gain volume, filling the gap between the two points with a natural pink lip pencil.
  • Focus on flashy colours: we create a more sophisticated look with coloured lacquers. The mirror shine catches the light and highlights the mouth. We choose a bright colour, poppy, fuchsia pink and we forget the darker (brown or purple) which accentuate the smoothness of the lips.

What beauty treatments for thin lips?

Response with Dominique Rist, a Spa treatment expert.

  • Exfoliate regularly: the mouth and lips are regularly erased with a fine-grained face product. On damp skin, smoothing movements are carried out with three fingers, without moving the skin. Exfoliation stimulates cell and capillary renewal, energizes and smoothes the skin. We can erase 3 or 4 days in a row if we feel the need, to find a beautiful appearance quickly.
  • Chew your lips: this stimulates blood circulation, nourishes cells, tones and enhances the colour of the lips. It is done 1 or 2 times a day after applying a nourishing balm so that the mucosa is very flexible and does not crack.
  • Pinch the skin around the mouth: between the index finger and the thumb and without hurting, the skin is pinched around the mouth twice a day. The epidermis is stimulated, plumped up, fine lines smoothed.
  • Use each day cream or an oil: within the morning, we frequently forget the outline of the mouth when applying a treatment. You can smooth the treatment with two fingers, one above, the opposite under the lips, but without moving the skin. Or else drop a drop of cream on 3 fingers, gently squeezed between the nose and the chin.

What injections to restore volume to the lips?

Response with Dr Catherine de Goursac, an aesthetic doctor.

  • Smooth the top of the lips: we eliminate the vertical wrinkles which let slip the lipstick by rehydrating with an injection of hyaluronic acid. Here, it is not a question of giving volume but simply of unfolding the unsightly streaks. A hygroscopic hyaluronic acid is used, which lasts a long time and does not attract water.
  • Curl the lips: we just give a little more volume to this area which delimits the mucous membrane and the skin with hyaluronic acid for curling, injected into the skin. Very popular, this technique allows to gain sensuality and redefines the shape of the lips.
  • Intensify the cupid's arch: the idea is to increase the volume in the middle of the lip by injecting hyaluronic acid into the mucosa. With the trend of “ selfie mouths ”, this technique has met with great success, especially with young women.
  • Erase the sad mouth effect: over time, the corners of the lips shrink and sag. Filling injections of hyaluronic acid in this area allow you to re-inflate and therefore raise the commissures.
  • Underline the philtrum crests: these are the two vertical lines which start from the nose and determine the arc of cupid. They tend to fade over time. With the help of hyaluronic acid for curling, we accentuate these two ridges, which puts the skin under tension and rejuvenates the smile.
  • Dialogue with your doctor: you adjust the correction by looking at the effect obtained between each bite, to stop when you judge the result satisfactory. We can also come accompanied, for example with a friend who knows us well and who will be able to advise us.

4 gestures to preserve your lips:

1. Avoid breathing through the mouth: this dehydrates the lips and gives them an always dry appearance.

2. Avoid cigarettes: responsible for premature ageing of the mouth and lips. The gesture of contraction to suck the smoke also promotes the appearance of vertical wrinkles above the mouth.

3. Morning and evening, we cover them with petroleum jelly: this shield is perfect to protect them from external aggressions and slow down their dehydration.

4. We think of loosening the jaw: when the lower face is tense, the facial features harden and the mouth becomes thinner.

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