White hair: what colour and what care?


White hair: what colour and what care?

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White hair: what colour and what care?

The war with white hair is declared. The brunettes go to war each month against the root effect, the blondes cry their lost reflections after 15 days. For all, one goal: to regain shine.

  1. How to colour white hair
  2. Successful home colouring
  3. Use ephemeral camouflage
  4. Repigment gently
  5. How to care for white hair
  6. Remove the dull veil with henna
  7. Avoid UV

When you want to hide your white hair, the colouring must be perfect. Advice from our experts.

How to colour white hair

“When you have more than 30% or at most 40% white hair, it is riskier to do your colouring at home, especially for brunettes. The golden rule: do not deviate from its nuance and its natural base, warns Karinne Stipa, artistic director of Éric Stipa salons. If you are 4 (dark chestnut), you must stay in the 4, if you are 5 (medium chestnut) stay in the 5. ”

For blondes: leave the white hair transparent to avoid the root effect and stay in the clearest reflections.

Successful home colouring

Respect the instructions for use and the exposure time is essential for a successful house colouring!

In the facts :

  • divide your head into four zones and start the exposure time at the start of the application;
  • put the colour on the regrowth;
  • start with the whitest area, often on the top of the skull.

To know: the most fragile colours remain the coppery, red, mahogany tones… whose pigments slide on the hair. The colouring will be beautiful and bright on a well-groomed hair.

Use ephemeral camouflage

For brunettes, new spray products can hide their roots. Just spray on the area to be treated, it is not colouring but make-up which leaves with the shampoo and which saves time between two colourings.

Repigment gently

Another category of products that can gently boost its colour: repigmenting treatments, often presented as shampoos or conditioners. "To avoid overloading and not neglecting nutrition, I often suggest alternating between depigmenting care and nutritive care", says Jean-Michel Faretra, hairdresser.

How to care for white hair

Because of the colouring, the hair becomes porous, and the visual result is that it is less shiny. Between two colours, the objective is therefore to find this shine.

Remove the dull veil with henna

"For blondes, whose reflections can become dull and yellowed, I advise, once every 15 days, to place a tablespoon of neutral henna during a bowl of predicament, lengthened with shampoo. Apply, leave for a few minutes and rinse. Another anti-yellow tip: divert a product for white hair, ”says Delphine Courteille, L'Oréal Professionnel consultant hairdresser.

Avoid UV

To protect your coloured, light or dark hair: use a product with UV filters. For Denise Guillouet, "the coloured hair is the one that must be the most protected".

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