Childbirth: overcoming your fears


Childbirth: overcoming your fears

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For nine months, you prepared, informed about the different stages of childbirth. But on D-Day, it is sometimes difficult to overcome your fears. Our advice to help you.

  1. You are afraid of the unknown because it is your first delivery
  2. ask questions
  3. Breathe
  4. You are afraid of pain during childbirth
  5. Positive thoughts
  6. Realization
  7. You are afraid of dying while giving birth
  8. Reassuring figures
  9. You are afraid of not knowing how to take care of your baby
  10. You are afraid of being disappointed when you see your baby

Delivering is not trivial: your health and that of your future baby worry you. If this is your first time, the unknown is distressing you. Or you do not keep a good memory of your previous delivery, and the prospect of having to relive this "ordeal" stresses you.

You are afraid of the unknown because it is your first delivery

It is the first time that you give birth, you are afraid because you do not control the course of things. Not sure what to expect. This anxiety is normal, human.

ask questions

Rest assured, a medical team will take care of you. A midwife will monitor you very regularly during cervical dilation work, just before expulsion.

If you do not understand certain things: the presence of an infusion, monitoring ... do not hesitate to ask him questions. She performs deliveries every day and will be able to answer your questions.


At that time, remember the breathing work that you learned while preparing for birth. Your guide is there to support and secure you. And remember, you are going through the most beautiful adventure of your life.

As for unexpected deliveries (in a supermarket, on the street ...), they no longer really exist or in very small quantities: 5 deliveries out of 1,000.

You are afraid of pain during childbirth

Is childbirth painful? What kind of pain? Contractions, dilation, expulsion… No matter how many times you have repeated the scene, you are not aware of the pain you may feel.

Positive thoughts

You are therefore afraid of suffering from these intense pains that everyone around you has told you about. Testimonials are not necessarily always reassuring so make a point of things and remember only the positive. The midwife and the attendant will help you. If you have too much pain, there is the epidural, an analgesic that will numb your lower body to soothe you.


Most women who worry about being hurt feel relieved at the first contraction. Everything becomes concrete and the pain, in the end, is not so difficult to bear. And then by carrying your baby in your arms for the first time, you will forget everything, that's for sure. You will apprehend much less for a second child.

You are afraid of dying while giving birth

Childbirth is also unexpected. You have had time to imagine all the disaster scenarios and above all, you have at least once thought of the possibility of death. This obsession is developed by the fact that a few years ago women really risked their lives, and that of the baby, in giving birth.

Reassuring figures

There is almost no maternal mortality (10 deaths out of 100,000 women according to Inserm). Even if there is no zero risks, your pregnancy monitoring, the presence of doctors and midwives contribute to the smooth progress of childbirth (monitoring of hypertension, possible haemorrhages or infections…).

And the same goes for your baby. If during labour he is in fetal distress, every means will be taken to give birth to him as quickly as possible in order to provide him with the care he needs.

You are afraid of not knowing how to take care of your baby

The maternal instinct is something that happens like that. Generally, it develops as soon as you hold your baby in your arms. Don't feel guilty if you don't feel like a mother right after giving birth.

The link is not necessarily made. In this case, do not hesitate to talk about it with the medical team who will be able to support you. It is your child, you carried it, you love it and inevitably you will know how to take care of it better than anyone. The few days at the maternity will help you. Nursery teachers will teach you how to feed it, bathe it, change it, wear it. Ask any questions that come to mind.

You are afraid of being disappointed when you see your baby

For nine months, you imagined it, you dreamed it. Now you can see it, touch it. And it can happen that it is not exactly as perfect as in your dreams, in the covers of magazines. Birthmarks, bulging skull, scratched face, pale complexion ... Don't worry, your reaction is normal and does not mean that you are a bad mother.

Learning must take place. Little by little the traces of childbirth will disappear, her crumpled skin will become smooth and soft, her little eyes will open… In short, he is the flesh of your flesh, you will learn to love yourself as a family. The midwife is always there to reassure you and help you.

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