Early pregnancy: what is the purpose of early prenatal maintenance?


Early pregnancy: what is the purpose of early prenatal maintenance?

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Early prenatal maintenance (EPP) is not one of the seven compulsory consultations for pregnancy monitoring. It is part of an approach of humanity, proximity, security and quality.

  1. Talk about your health, your difficulties, your fears
  2. Who performs early prenatal maintenance?
  3. Should it be done as a couple?
  4. When and how long does the prenatal interview last?
  5. Can prenatal interview data be kept confidential?

Any future mother can benefit from an early prenatal interview. It is not mandatory but represents a real moment of exchange which would be a shame to deprive yourself. Know that it is supported 100% by your Social Security.

Talk about your health, your difficulties, your fears

The High Health Authority (HAS) sets four objectives for prenatal maintenance  :

  •  access the feelings of the woman and the couple;
  •  help them to have confidence in themselves;
  •  promote coordination between the various birth parties;
  •  consolidate patients' confidence in their health system.

It is, therefore, a question of identifying the needs for information, taking stock of the health of the pregnant woman, organizing her pregnancy follow-up for better development of the child.

We can also spot situations of fear, anxiety … as well in the future mother as in the future dad.

It is not yet another medical consultation or psychological interview, it is simply an exchange of information to discuss your psychological, material, social and family difficulties.

Who performs early prenatal maintenance?

The prenatal interview is carried out by a birth professional. It can be your general practitioner, a gynaecologist or even a midwife.

This person must have followed specific training beforehand. Concerning the place, the interview can be carried out in maternity, a PMI, in liberal or in the places of preparation for the childbirth.

Should it be done as a couple?

Yes, it is preferable, if the situation allows, that both future parents are present. They will be able to express their expectations, their doubts, their fears.

Through concerns and discussions, we can identify possible significant vulnerabilities in the realization of the birth plan.

When and how long does the prenatal interview last?

You will be able to carry out this interview at the desired time, but preferably not too close to the scheduled date. It is in everyone's interest that the interview takes place at the beginning of the pregnancy in order to prevent possible complex situations and to give prompt information.

We advise you to ask for it immediately after sending your declarations of pregnancy, ie at the end of the first trimester. It is systematically offered to you during the second prenatal consultation, around the fourth month of pregnancy.

It lasts from three-quarters of an hour to an hour, because listening time is essential here. It is the minimum to identify possible problems and try to respond with information, by referring to specialized structures or organizations. It is an opportunity to enhance pregnancy monitoring with an emotional dimension through dialogue. 

Can prenatal interview data be kept confidential?

Obviously, the PPE is confidential. Express yourself in confidence on this emotional and emotional event that represents the birth of a child.

There are a summary and transmission sheet which is filled in with your agreement and your participation. It will be sent to the professionals who will take care of monitoring your pregnancy by your care and if you wish. A duplicate is kept by the medical staff who carried out the interview.

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