Help him feel like a father during pregnancy


Help him feel like a father during pregnancy

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Your belly is rounded, your body changes. You really feel like you're a mom. But these nine months also concern the future dad. Our advice for him to become a real player in pregnancy.

  1. More and more interest from future dads for pregnancy
  2. A different desire
  3. Let him know your feelings
  4. Communication around the baby
  5. Let him be useful
  6. Help him meet the future baby
  7. Haptonomy for experiencing pregnancy as a couple
  8. Preparing your room
  9. Reassure the future dad!
  10. It regresses
  11. A dad, but also a lover
A future father is also a birth. Some feel like a father from the moment they see the positive pregnancy test, others wait for the first ultrasound, the last ones finally need to hold the baby in their arms.

Anyway, there's no need to put pressure on him. His desire to get involved will come gradually, you have to be patient.

More and more interest from future dads for pregnancy

In recent years, we have observed a real interest in future dads for the life of their fetuses. More and more men are accompanying their wives to various medical consultations during pregnancy.

Let us remember that formerly they intervened well after birth, mainly in the fields of education and authority.

A different desire

In any case, always give him time to feel like a father, it will come at a time.

  • Do not think he is losing interest in your pregnancy because he is not acting the way you wanted.
  • Don't let misunderstanding take hold, talk about it.
The man lives these nine months emotionally and does not necessarily feel the need to touch your belly all the time.

Let him know your feelings

Nine months is a time that generally seems long to future dads who want to take their baby in their arms. He does not feel moving this child, so do not hesitate to describe your impressions.

A man should not feel excluded from this privileged mother-baby relationship. This is why you must express your feelings, your joys, your anxieties ... This baby that you are carrying is yours both.

Communication around the baby

During pregnancy, also take time to dream of the baby to be born. Talk about your childhood memories, your desires. Ask yourself whom it will look like the most.

Consider spending time just for the two of you. Especially since certain phases of pregnancy (especially the second trimester) are often conducive to a perfect physical understanding.

Let him be useful

Do not hesitate to call on him when you are tired of all that relates to household chores. He will also have to console you, calm you down when necessary. A hug, a massage, his hand on your belly ... So many gestures that will make her live pregnancy alongside you.

Help him meet the future baby

Offer, without forcing him, to accompany you during your pregnancy follow-up. Explain to him that he will get to know this little being growing inside you better and better.

The first ultrasound will allow him to meet his baby for the first time, to see him, to hear his heart, to know his measurements. Make sure he has the choice to be present at all your meetings.

Haptonomy for experiencing pregnancy as a couple

Dads are invited to participate in childbirth preparation sessions. On the one hand to better live the pregnancy, on the other hand, to offer an effective presence on D-Day. If you have the choice in preparing for childbirth, opt for haptonomy.

These sessions are practised as a couple and teach future parents to establish contact with their baby by touch. The father can, by pressing certain points, manage to move the child.

Preparing your room

Another way to share your parenting is to prepare for your baby's room. Both of you will have to imagine this child, build an environment where you will feel good. As it is not advisable for you to make efforts, the father will take care of painting, assembling the furniture…

Reassure the future dad!

Yes, a future dad, even if he doesn't necessarily say it, is worried. Like you, he wonders if pregnancy and childbirth are going to be okay. He wants to live up to his role and asks himself many questions. Reassure him about your health, share your fears. And don't forget that birth is a gift of life.

It regresses

Don't worry if you sometimes see him regress and play a child role. This new plunge into childhood helps him to understand his role as a father.

He can gain weight, hurt his back, his stomach… Don't blame him, but listen to him, it's his way of expecting the baby.

A dad, but also a lover

It is important to tell her that her presence is essential in your pregnancy. Many expectant mothers are reluctant to breastfeed their babies because they are afraid that the father will feel left out. Reassure him, tell him that it has nothing to do, that it is very good for your baby both. Tell him that you love him.

And if your sexuality is a little bit on the back burner, do not worry, but talk about it together. You will use your imagination to maintain privacy. Future dads are often afraid of hurting the child. Explain that there are no contraindications unless your doctor advises otherwise.

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