The first symptoms of pregnancy


The first symptoms of pregnancy

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You no longer seem to have your period. Is it a simple delay or the establishment of a pregnancy? There are little signs that do not deceive. We help you recognize them while awaiting confirmation of pregnancy.

  1. Swelling breasts
  2. A suitable bra
  3. A smeared stomach in early pregnancy
  4. A suitable diet
  5. Fatigue and the need to urinate are characteristic
  6. Frequent urination
  7. The hormonal upheavals put you on edge
  8. Trust

Nausea, bloating, tiredness, tense breasts, frequent urination, mood swings… if you are several days late in your period, these signs can be indicative of early pregnancy.

Swelling breasts

The chest is heavy; breasts are hard, tense… Kidney more normal, they get bigger! Nature is well done, this means that everything is in place to welcome the child and breastfeed him.

You can also observe your dark nipples and feel some tingling.

A suitable bra

Opt for a bra with a larger size to feel more comfortable. In cotton preferably, it is more comfortable to wear.

Choose one with straps wide enough not to hurt yourself, and a suitable shape to properly surround the chest.

A smeared stomach in early pregnancy

Bloating, nausea, not to mention episodes of constipation ... Pregnancy triggers some small physical and biological upheavals. You will sometimes feel like your body is swelling, but you will not feel weight gain during the first weeks of pregnancy.

When you wake up, you may feel nausea, vomiting due to nausea that you discover towards certain smells (coffee, for example). Constipation comes from the production of progesterone, which slows down muscle work.

A suitable diet

For nausea, get up having swallowed a small snack before. You have the right to be served, take advantage of it! Then choose foods that hold your stomach well, like bread or pasta and rice.

On the contrary, if you are constipated, adopt the fibres (lentils, beans, chickpeas, soy, dried fruits) at mealtimes. Do not hesitate to massage your belly a little with your fingertips by turning it clockwise. Last tip: drink a lot.

Fatigue and the need to urinate are characteristic

From the start of pregnancy, you will have an overwhelming urge to sleep during the day. In fact, the hormones secreted during this period act like real sleeping pills.

Since it is difficult to resist the call of a nap, do it if possible. The best way to avoid having a comatose condition during the day is to allow yourself long nights. Likewise, avoid stimulants (tea, coffee) and think about getting into relaxation. Starchy foods for lunch will help you get past the mid-afternoon kick.

Frequent urination

Your urge to urinate is out of control. At the beginning of pregnancy, it is even more common because of hormones.

Be patient! There is no quick fix except to relieve yourself when the urge is urgent. It is strongly advised not to reduce your water consumption.

These desires will gradually diminish because they will pay less attention to them. However, if you do experience burning sensations, talk to your doctor.

The hormonal upheavals put you on edge

You are able to have a laugh, and the next moment to cry hot tears. Some women are very sensitive to hormonal changes and respond by changing moods frequently and without reason.


The most suitable prescription is confidentiality. Talk to your spouse, your friends. Share your fears, your negative thoughts. Always think of the happiness of giving birth to a child.

And if you really feel sad, talk to your doctor. Quickly consider preparing for birth with a midwife who will help you overcome your fears.

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