Face: have a well-hydrated skin


Face: have a well-hydrated skin

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Do you have dry, tight skin and signs of discomfort? Perhaps she is dehydrated. Here is how, with creams or care oils, to find comfort and radiance.

  1. Dry and dehydrated skin is not the same thing
  2. Drinking 1.5 L of water per day: theory ... and practice
  3. Lifestyle, essential
  4. The objective of the cream: to make a barrier
  5. At 40: I can't hydrate my skin anymore

Water is the basis of our health. For our whole body, for our skin too, we must drink water. If the skin is missing, it is impossible for it to have radiance. In addition, dehydrated skin ages faster.

So many reasons to take care of it. Yes, but what does that mean exactly? And how to? We answer all these questions.

Dry and dehydrated skin is not the same thing

“When we say that skin is dry, it is because it lacks lipids, that is to say, fat. If she is dehydrated, it is because she lacks water. It's not the same thing. In reality, the phenomena can be linked, because the skin needs both, water and fat.

Drinking 1.5 L of water per day: theory ... and practice

Drinking is the most important gesture to hydrate your skin. But there is a problem: we do not drink enough water during the day. "I often see it in my office: there is a gap between theory and practice." People and especially women know this recommendation of 1.5 L to drink per day. But often, we restrict ourselves. We say to ourselves: I'm going to be in a meeting all afternoon, I'm not going to drink a cup of tea now if I can't go to the bathroom for 3 hours! "

This recommendation to drink to hydrate your skin is essential because 30% of our vital water reserves are in our skin. Drinking is the most important gesture. This makes it possible to bring water to the dermis, the deep layer of the skin, which is a bit like our water table. “The skin is like a field of wheat. It is not by watering a wheat field that one can replenish its groundwater table in depth. "

Lifestyle, essential

For good hydration of the skin. Some are the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle: eat a balanced diet, play sports every week, respect a good hormonal balance when you are a woman, do not expose yourself to the sun."

The objective of the cream: to make a barrier

So until a certain age, drinking sufficient water and using a good cosmetic treatment should be enough to hydrate your skin.

What do we mean by “good cosmetic care”? It will be a gel, a cream, or even a care oil which will protect the skin and provide it with the ingredients it needs to prevent it from becoming dehydrated. The cosmetic product must help the skin to fulfil its basic function. 

The choice of cosmetic depends on skin type. If the latter is very dry skin, a care oil will restore the lipid barrier (fat).

The objective of cosmetic care, whatever the skin type, is to bring water to the skin - a little - but above all to slow dehydration, the famous PIE for Insensible Water Loss.

For teens, there is no hydration problem. While it is always advisable to protect yourself from the sun, putting on a cream every day is not a must. “Except in certain cases, Indeed, some young girls are used to applying makeup every day. And in the evening, they remove their makeup, so they remove makeup and, with the protective film from the skin. For them and in this case, it is better to put a cream, which we will choose as simple as possible, and preferably organic."

At 40: I can't hydrate my skin anymore

Over the years, things can change, despite a healthy lifestyle. "I can't hydrate my skin anymore". This usually occurs around 35 or 40 years of age. What's going on? The supporting fibres of the dermis - mainly collagen and elastin - are less important, the skin tissue is less dense, and water evaporates more easily. "

A simple cosmetic treatment is no longer sufficient to help the skin to form a barrier, and cosmetic treatments can compensate. For example, micro-injections of mesotherapy can reactivate the production of collagen. “It is obviously not systematic. But for women who wish, this reinforcement with injections will keep skin “fuller” longer."

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