Professional Flawless Baking & Strobing Brush Set By Sigma Beauty


Sigma Beauty Baking and Strobing Brush Set 5Pcs

Whether you're contouring or strobing, I feel we'll all agree that having the right quite brushes is important to your looks. The simplest brushes can seriously make an enormous difference in your overall routine. Not only can your tools take your makeup game to the subsequent level, but it also can be the difference between good and bad skin. For all reasons, perfect makeup lovers need Sigma Beauty Baking & Strobing Brush set. Not only does the kit accompany five different brushes, but each tool is also formed with fibres that are "designed to avoid product absorption and growth of bacteria. What's more, they "can be wont to apply a cream, liquid, or powder products". Look no further, guys.

Baking Strobing Brush Set is so incredibly soft and well constructed and will be versatile. This Brush set is flawless and must-have in your make up kit. It is perfect for setting and baking especially under the eyes, highlighting and blending, build the coverage easily and gentle to the eyes. It allows you a more precise application of powders and highlights. The concealer brush blends effortlessly and flawlessly. This set is great for a first-time baker.

Baking and Strobing Brush Set  82$ 

Sigma BeautyBaking & Strobing Brush Set 5pcs
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1. F89 Bake Kabuki Brush

F89 Bake Kabuki Brush A deeply angled brush head with a flat edge for pressing on setting powder, apply foundation, contouring and applying primer.
The F89's angle helps reach every crevice of your face and does an amazing job at blending & stippling. F89 Bake Kabuki Brush Made of SigmaTech® Fibers, an exclusive selection of high-performance synthetic fibres. Boasts technologically advanced filaments with specialized tips. Plus, it's a good size for a foundation. Dimensions: handle length: 12.8 cm, bristles length: 1.4cm - 2.5cm, bristles span: 3.5 cm. Holds & delivers makeup products with none absorption into the bristles. The patented 3-ring brush ferrule is made with SigmaAlloyTM for durability & strength.

2. F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki Brush

The F79 Concealer Blend Kabuki Brush is tapered for applying and blending concealer and colour-correcting formulas. It seriously gives similar results to a BeautyBlender sponge. It's perfect for spreading concealer or applying blush and bronzing powder. Dimensions: handle length 15 cm, bristles length: 3.2 cm, bristles span: 2.5 cm. F79 - Concealer Blend Kabuki: small, tapered brush head with dense fibres for stippling concealer. Made of SigmaTech Fibers, an exclusive selection of high-performance synthetic fibres. Boasts technologically advanced filaments with specialized tips.

3. P89 Bake Precision Brush

P89 Bake Precision Brush to reach those difficult angles and areas under the eye. This small, angled brush head to set powder in hard-to-reach areas.  Brush for precise application of highlighter and powder. Dimensions: handle length: 16.2 cm, bristles length: 1.1cm-1.3cm, bristles span: 1.1cm.

This little guy is amazing at blending and stippling in small/narrow areas. You love to use it on the inner corners of your eyes and the sides of your nose to make sure your concealer is blended perfectly. Believe it or not, I also use it to blend products that get into my smile lines (sometimes foundation and concealer get caked-up there, even with setting powder). This brush helps blend it out well.

4. F42 Strobing Fan Brush

F42 Strobing Fan with this Brush gets flawless, glowing skin every time you highlight with the Strobing Fan Brush. this highlighting brush features fanned Soft, dense fanned makeup brush. For flawless highlighting apply and diffuse powder and cream highlighters on the cheekbones, down the nose, above the lip, and at the centre of your forehead and sweeping face. Works well with cream and powder products Plus, the SigmaAlloy™ Ferrule keeps this brush in prime condition for years to come.
Fitted onto the lightweight wooden brush handle,  it’s one makeup brush that is guaranteed to last. Cream and powder products are easily strobed with this fanned brush for an immaculate highlighted look.
Made of SigmaTech® Fibers, an exclusive selection of high-performance synthetic fibres
Boasts technologically advanced filaments with specialized tips.
Dimensions: handle length: 15.4 cm, bristles length: 2.4cm, bristles span: 4cm.

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5. F06 Powder Sweep Brush

F06 Powder Sweep Brush is ideal to sweep on setting powder and dust it away. This one is nice for setting powder under the eyes. It applies it in a soft & airy way and sweeping away powder.
This small and fluffy brush head with soft fibres made of exclusive synthetic, antimicrobial fibres. It is a lightweight wood handle with eight coats of paint and a primer for lasting beauty.

Dimensions: handle length: 15.5 cm, bristles length: 2.5 cm, bristles span: 1.8cm.

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